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Hadiyah Zafar, Creative Manager, Red Publicis, picks her favourite and not-so-favourite recent ad campaigns.
Updated 09 Jan, 2024 02:29pm

Advertising is a bit of a bubble, and most clients are not really inside it. As advertising people, we are like people who have made it their mission to decode the world: studying how different people buy stuff, what impresses them, what they binge-watch and what tugs at their heartstrings. The tricky part is trying to convince clients that what we suggest will work. Well, mostly.

Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
Agency: Ogilvy
Campaign: #GetInTheGame Cricket World Cup 2023
Message: Stop assuming cricket is just for the men. A woman can do just about anything a man can!
Effectiveness: I really liked the idea of encouraging young women to get into cricket and pursue their passion. But, you know, the emotional part didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It felt like it could have been done better. Like showcasing how women’s teams deserve more recognition. It seemed a bit like: “Okay, a girl can play cricket, but can she really be on par with the boys? Will our country ever appreciate the women’s cricket team as much as the men’s?” That part felt a bit lacking. However, I do feel that the message could help traditional dads see that their daughters should chase their dreams. Not just that, it might even nudge the dads to support their daughters in achieving those dreams.
Verdict: Time to stop hammering that a girl can do the bare minimum and show her doing normal, “big” things to emphasise that it is normal for her to do anything and everything.

Brand: McDonald’s Pakistan
Agency: Manhattan Communications
Campaign: McDonald’s 25th Anniversary – Barabar Sab Yahan
Message: Celebrating 25 years with everything McDonald’s stands for
Effectiveness: This McDonald’s ad struck a perfect chord. It had just the right amount of emotion and reignited our love for McDonald’s. It’s remarkable how McDonald’s is that one place where you see people from all walks of life. Just as they have conveyed, “bana esa jahan, barabar sab yahan” – because – whether it’s a birthday, a first date, your house help, a school trip, an elderly couple, a traditional family, an entrepreneur, or a labour worker – it is also the go-to spot for pre- and post-wedding meals for newlyweds – McDonald’s is a place for everyone.
Verdict: The ad succinctly delivered this message while celebrating their 25 years. I have to admit, it gave me a few goosebumps, but then again, maybe that’s because I love McDonald’s that much! Loved this.

Brand: Rose Petal
Agency: Red Publicis
Campaign: Adventures of Maxob & M. Shower
Message: Teaching kids the importance of using toilet paper
Effectiveness: I loved this! This campaign was a fantastic way to engage kids because it is more than just an ad; it’s like a cartoon series. Maxob initially focused on educating adults about the importance of drying after washing, but they realised that the target audience they needed to reach was the kids. The aim was to encourage the habit of drying up after washing and encourage mothers to keep toilet paper in the washroom, something that is probably missing in many Pakistani households. I found the webisode a blast – it’s fun and engaging and the characters are hilarious. The superhero duo of Maxob and M. Shower battling germs in such an entertaining way keeps kids hooked, making them want to watch it over and over again. It’s a smart move to make hygiene habits enjoyable for kids while creating awareness among parents.
Verdict: MORE hygiene-related content to encourage kids to keep clean, please!

Brand: Foodpanda
Agency: Soho Square
Campaign: Foodpanda Sambhal Le Ga!
Message: Foodpanda has just about anything you crave
Effectiveness: Who doesn’t love the convenience of having food delivered right to your doorstep? And let’s be honest, most of us have a soft spot for Pau-Pau. He is the reliable guy who always comes through. This ad does a great job of capturing how adults can truly savour the flavours of desi food. In a world full of commercials that make it seem like cricket is all about indulging in junk food, greasy snacks, and deep-fried treats, Foodpanda reminds us that they have all the options you need. So, even if mom’s not around, you can still order some comforting, home-like food and share it with the rest of the grown-ups while you enjoy the game. Plus, it’s a pretty spot-on portrayal of how dads get into the match – and that relatability is always a win.
Verdict: In love with Pau-Pau!

Brand: KFC Pakistan
Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi
Campaign: KFC Zinger Super Charger
Message: A perfect blend of cricket and new flavours
Effectiveness: KFC is undoubtedly a master of the game, but how do we feel about this ad? Well, it’s a fantastic way to showcase the fiery ingredients of the Zinger and connect them to the personalities of cricket stars, Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf. Kudos to the wardrobe stylists and the makeup/hair artists for their amazing transformation into handsome hunks. As with most KFC ads, it leaves you craving that crispy and crunchy goodness. This ad also effectively introduced a new sauce and encouraged consumers to give it a try. A solid campaign overall. However, don’t even get me started on KFC’s ‘Baap tou baap hota hai’ campaign; that felt a bit unnecessary and maybe it would be better to leave that topic for another day.
Verdict: Stop with the “baap”, KFC.

Hadiyah Zafar is Creative Manager at Red Publicis.