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The Top 5 Campaigns of 2023

Muhammad Ali Khan picks his Top 5 campaigns of 2023.
Updated 05 Jan, 2024 05:25pm

1. Sprite, ‘Thand Rakh’: This local adaptation of the global ‘Heat Happens’ campaign made heads turn as soon as it hit the screens – showcasing Murphy’s Law in action during the summer heat. It instantly got people’s attention and had them craving some Sprite!

2. HabibMetro, ‘Glass Half Full’: HabibMetro beautifully highlighted the brain drain in Pakistan by talking about the half-full glass – and how conditions have been worse but the outcomes have been positive for people who see the glass half full.

3. KFC, ‘Baap Baap Hota Hai’: This tongue-in-cheek campaign by KFC had everyone talking when billboards featuring cheeky lines popped up across the country; that too when everyone noticed that the campaign coincided with the launch of McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Tenders (a product in direct competition with KFC’s crispy chicken). Needless to say, it was an instant hit.

4. Unilever, ‘Livable Independence’: Pakistan’s growing inflation rate has been a topic of discussion for far too long. Unilever came up with a social experiment campaign that represented what financial planning looks like in 2023, and how tough it can get amidst rising inflation.

5. HabibMetro, ‘Jahaan Rahen Befikr Rahen’: This emotional campaign was brimming with insights and tugged on the right heartstrings with its on-point representation of expatriates and the struggles they go through every day. The campaign, coupled with Adnan Dhool’s Pardes Katenda soundtrack, was an instant hit.

Muhammad Ali Khan is Director Planning & Innovation, Synergy Dentsu and teaches Media Sciences at SZABIST-Karachi and the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture.