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A Few of my Favourite Things

Sheharyar Ali on a few of his favourite recent ad campaigns.
Published 25 May, 2023 11:56am

PSL 2023 – TikTok

Agency: Conglo

Categories: TV and OOH

From the get-go you are hooked by the shriek in the background, Momin Saqib, and the camera movement. Pretty much in the first 10 seconds the product – TikTok – is established along with cricket and PSL, from the choice of celebrity and the narrative. The colours are vibrant and the narrative flows smoothly. In a world of PSL ads, this one hit home; it was short, fun and the tagline was a call to action that should resonate with all cricket fans.

Equinox – The Most Selfless Act of All

Agency: Droga5

Categories: TV, print and radio

While most gym/health brands draw you to them by emphasising the health benefits you get from working out or being healthy, Equinox went a completely different route basing the film on a very real insight and making it sound real and very acceptable.

Amreli Steel – Celebrating 50 Years

Agency: In-house

Category: TV

I love this ad for the simple fact that in times when marketers and companies are trying to trim down any communication they produce to a minimum amount of seconds, this masterpiece completely refutes this new norm and re-affirmed my belief that if a brand has a compelling story to tell it will definitely leave a love mark.

Servis – Shoes For Everyone

Agency: RED Publicis

Categories: TV and print

One of the first things you consider when you are think of a campaign is the TG. What I love about this one is that it embraces the fact that they make a wide variety of shoes to cater to different people – and say it out loud. The TVC aired in 2012 and the level of recall is still as fresh as ever.

Jazz – Super For Change – Awaz Uthao, Farq Mitao!

Agency: Fishbowl

Categories: TV and digital

In our world of advertising, which often shies away from even referring to the transgender community, Jazz does the opposite. The cherry on the top is the empowered role of a marginalised community as opposed to a sob story. Whereas a lot of our campaigns let go of brand positioning statements when creating envelope-pushing initiatives, this one is an incredible interpretation of ‘Dunya ko Batado’.

Surf Excel Ramzan 2016

Agency: Lowe Lintas Mumbai

Categories: TV and digital

Time and time again Surf Excel has proved how a strong insight and a powerful brand positioning statement can be used to tell moving and heartfelt stories. If we are to look at their Ramzan campaign from a few years ago, we see how a brand uses its voice to spread a message of kindness, empathy and helping others during Ramzan that tugs at the audience’s heartstrings and leaves them with food for thought.

Daraz – Welcome to Our World, You are Welcome to Stay

Agency: In-house

Category: Digital

The ad is impressive because it captures the essence of the brand by seamlessly showcasing the diverse range of items and categories the platform offers. The energetic tone, vibrant visuals and quick transitions make it a viewing experience that keeps you hooked. I love how a diverse cast of characters from different backgrounds are used to make it relatable while also showing that Daraz is present everywhere.

Metro Train – Dumb Ways to Die

Agency: McCann Melbourne

Category: TV

The general perception is that all public service messages are boring or just unmemorable. However, this ad is the exception. It reaffirms the belief that if you find a creative way to convey a message it will leave an impact. The characters and situations keep you hooked and the chorus, morbid though they may be, keep you humming after you have seen the ad.

Sheharyar Ali is CEO, Conglo.