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A Few of My Favourite Things

Published in Mar-Apr 2022

Sumaira Mirza on a few of her favourite recent ad campaigns.
Photo: Burger King Facebook.
Photo: Burger King Facebook.

Burger King – The Moldy Whopper
Agency: David Miami, Publicis, INGO Stockholm
Categories: TV, Print

The TVC opens with a perfect-looking Whopper with fresh ingredients... it deteriorates in 30 seconds. White, fuzzy mould takes over the buns, patty and tomatoes, and eventually turns green. The text reads: “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.” A gutsy move by the brand, showing rotten visuals instead of a scrumptious, mouth-watering Whopper – the first step for Burger King in the global effort to remove artificial preservatives from its food products. 

Daraz – Discover Your Daraz
Agency: In-house
Categories: TV, Digital

A simple idea to bring in the rebranding and new positioning of the brand – ‘Discover Your Daraz’ – to life. Alluring cinematography on par with gora-standard execution, this communication takes us on a journey of the limitless possibilities Daraz promises.

PCB – Taking mehmaan-nawaazi to the next level, mate! #BoysReadyHain l #PAKvAUS
Agency: Conglo
Categories: TV, Digital

An Australian born and raised Pakistani (not explicitly said but we can assume) asks a rickshaw driver for a ride in English. An older man translates the query to the driver, who, in an Australian accent, responds with “No worries, mate!”, surprising everyone. The interaction between the driver and the public during the ride is the cherry on top. A humorous and warm welcome for the Australian cricket team that came on tour to Pakistan after 24 years.

Sandy Hook Promise – Back to School Essentials
Agency: BBDO New York
Category: TV

What starts off as a cheerful and familiar back-to-school ad, with students showing off their new backpacks and binders, slowly unfolds to highlight these students using the everyday back-to-school items to survive a shooting. Using tourniquets and a skateboard to break a window to escape, shedding light on the gruesome reality that students face. A powerful PSA by Sandy Hook Promise to prevent gun violence.

Shan Foods – #DifferentYetTogether
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Categories: TV, Digital

As the world moves towards short-form video content that tries to dominate our minuscule attention span, some brands are continuing to tell stories through a craft that is extremely precious. “The fine art of great storytelling in advertising” continues to live on with such thoughtful messaging and emotions. The ad tells the story of a young girl who arrives in a new country and home with her adoptive parents. Facing myriad changes, the only comforting thing is the aroma of familiar food which unites the new family. The ad beautifully celebrates cultural diversity.

Telenor – #AchaiKaTrend
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Categories: TV, Digital

The new Telenor Ramzan ad made a lasting impression on my heart and mind. The storytelling in this approximately seven-minute video displays the emotions of a first-time father who is worried about his daily expenses and about how he will take care of his newborn daughter and wife as his business suffers. As the story unfolds, it captures his emotions when he sees that humanity still prevails and how a simple act of goodness can bring about a beautiful change.

SIUT – 50 Years of SIUT
Agency: Azad Film Company
Categories: TV, Digital

The new Ramzan campaign by SIUT moved me to tears. This five-minute TVC, based on a true story with black and white vintage frames giving glimpses of SIUT’s first eight-bed facility ward, spoke of humble beginnings that hoped to conquer an illness that afflicts thousands in Pakistan and touched a nerve. The humble messages of “every rupee counts” and “success is in keeping to your mission – unwavering, committed and clear” were brought to life in a very heart touching way.

The Female Company – The Tampon Book
Agency: Scholz and Friends Berlin
Categories: BTL, OOH, Digital

In Germany, tampons are still considered ‘luxury goods’ and are therefore taxed at the top value-added rate of 19%. Meanwhile, actual luxury products such as flowers, truffles, oil paintings or even books are considered daily necessities and earn a reduced rate of only seven percent! The Tampon Book not only contains 15 organic tampons, it comes with 46 pages of funny and surprising stories about menstruation. Written with love and illustrated in a bold and uncompromising style… what a way to combat the tax and help women.

Sumaira Mirza is Creative Director, Ogilvy Pakistan.