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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in Jan-Feb 2022

Asrar Alam lists a few of his favourite recent campaigns.

Toys “R” Us – Grow Up Playing
Agency: PS21
Category: Digital/BTL

Toys “R” Us in Spain pulled this amazing stunt with real parents and their kids inside their store. A good display of the selfishness of childhood, all parents’ faces sprinkled with the cuteness and innocence of children. Kids will be kids, and you have got to see this to believe this.

Lifebuoy Shampoo – ‘#TumMazbootHo’
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Category: TV

Women empowerment is a topic that should be heard in every tone and voice and this ad does this effectively by highlighting the bond between mothers and daughters. The message that mothers in Pakistan need to be empowered against domestic violence is well communicated with the product functionality of hair strength and the daughter’s narrative is the cherry on top.

Trex – ‘We See It Too’
Agency: Buntin
Category: TV

Another daughter-father relationship presented in a lyrical way, along with the product present in almost every shot. A great example of combining emotional and functional attributes of a brand and where you see the consumer through the brand’s point of view – and hence, we see it too.

SnackVideo – #EidWithEdhi
Agency: Starcrest Communications
Category: 360

Sharing a smile is an act of kindness, but who knew a smile could also be an act of charity when it comes to the millions of orphan children at the Edhi Foundation? A video entertainment-based mobile app brought smiles to millions of children last Ramzan with a simple message of sharing a smile for a cause. The ad connects very well with the public.

7up – Dil Ki Baat
Agency: BBDO Pakistan
Category: TV

Every now and then you come across a communication that touches your heart and connects with you on a human level. The ad leaves a subtle smile on your face and makes you think long about it until someone nudges you back to reality.

Easypaisa – Piiiiin Chorrrr
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Category: TV

Well-written, well-acted and well-choreographed, this ad addresses both the functional and emotional aspects. It perfectly demonstrates how ‘piiiin chors’ behave – so full marks on consumer insights too.

H&T Pawnbrokers – ‘Ready to Be Loved Again’
Agency: M&C Saatchi Group
Category: Print

A diamond doesn’t have an age; neither does it know about yours. H&T Pawnbrokers presented this fact aesthetically in their print campaign showing both elderly and young people cherishing a diamond in a single frame in coloured and saturated black and white photography. Watch the ad online and read the emotions on the faces.

Dayfresh Drinking Yogurt – Drink Great, Feel Great
Agency: Firebolt63
Category: TV

Who knew you could drink yoghurt? And that too with fruit flavours. Conveying the product’s USP to your core audience in their language is the key to every good communication. This ad does it nicely with foot-tapping beats and cool moves. An enjoyable video to watch where you don’t complain even if it appears in the middle of your favourite TV programme.

Asrar Alam is Head of Ideation, Starcrest Communications,