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OBOs are stealing hearts across Pakistan

Updated 10 Jan, 2019 01:23pm
A review of Peek Freans’ new campaign

Peek Freans’ recent campaign introduces its newest variant, RIO Birthday Sprinkles n’ Cream, along with a surprise in the form of OBOs – animated, adorable little mischief-makers who live in Oboland and love to sing, dance and snack on their favourite indulgence, RIO Birthday Sprinkles n’ Cream. You can enter the world of OBOs by checking out the TVC below.

The campaign represents a new direction for the brand as they employ animation to create a new world Oboland, in order to appeal and engage children between the ages of eight and 12 along with bringing out the kid in adults! Their focus on the antics of Liya, Migu and their friends as they sing, dance and celebrate is an absolute treat that takes one to another world. Indeed, this new world showcases EBM’s understanding of what will attract their primary target market and this makes the campaign stand out.

It is safe to say that there are only a handful of brands in Pakistan are using animated characters and narratives to engage the audience and spark their imagination all the while catering to children’s sense of adventure and fun. Realising this, Peek Freans have built this new world with characters to appeal to different personalities, from admirable Liya’s take-charge attitude to Migu’s mischief and pranks.

While creating a new world with animated characters may seem too great a risk for most brands, by embracing transformation and creating OBOs, Peek Freans have shown the potential and power of taking a leap of faith by letting creativity take its course. Although it may prove easier or safer to affiliate new products with an existing brand, by inventing the world of the OBOs and investing in high-quality animation, Peek Freans have taken a brave step and successfully presented a new concept, providing the Pakistani market with refreshing, bold and new characters that appeal to and entertain not only their key target group but many other people who now eagerly await their next TVC to see what mischief the OBOs bring forward next.

This content has been produced in paid partnership with Peek Freans.