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The new meaning of danedar

Updated 04 Dec, 2018 03:43pm
DKT Pakistan’s new TVC uses humour to market their dotted variant.

Through a new campaign for their condom brand Josh, social marketing company DKT Pakistan uses humour to shine a light on two of Pakistan’s most pressing, yet ignored, issues: sexual health and family planning. The campaign’s objective is to re-launch Josh’s dotted variant, Danedar, and uses humour and an innovative approach to market the new look and packaging of this product.

Playing on one of the most cherished relationships for many Pakistanis – the unbreakable bond between them and their morning cup of tea – Josh Danedar’s new TVC homes in on a young couple in their kitchen; the wife is getting ready for her first day of work, and in a bid to rid her of the proverbial Monday morning blues, her husband suggests some ‘Danedar’; you may think he means tea, but as the camera zooms in on a packet of Josh Danedar, you know otherwise. (This is followed by a montage of danedar tea being poured water and stirred a sensual and suggestive manner). The couple later re-emerge wide awake and refreshed, with their cups of tea mysteriously untouched!

In addition to this attention-grabbing TVC, the campaign also includes a host of digital assets; from Facebook posts encouraging users to tag their “Danedar partner… and show them some love” to posts highlighting that “a pack of Danedar is all you need to get your mornings rolling”, all with the tongue-in-cheek hashtag #AsalDanedarToYehHai.

DKT Pakistan’s Josh Danedar campaign shows us how the power of humour, suggestion and allusion can be used to handle the most sensitive of subjects. By linking Josh Dotted, their textured condom, to one of Pakistan’s most cherished institutions – danedar chai – the campaign hits the spot, thanks to its production values, music and visuals, including those of tea being made, which all come together to create an engaging and impactful TVC that stands out, all the while handling a sensitive subject with an effective dose of humour.

This content has been produced in paid partnership with DKT Pakistan.