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A Few of My Favourite Things

Zehra Zaidi, Group Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Pakistan, lists her favourite ad campaigns.
Published 10 May, 2024 01:36pm

Oreo Pakistan

Agency: Alt Story

Nothing makes me prouder than to see a global brand adapting to a country most admirably. Oreo Pakistan did it and how! Congratulations to everyone behind it. I loved how they only used the product, experimented with various renditions of it and owned the nationalistic sentiment. Although some brands like to flex their global affiliation, I strongly feel that there is nothing better than making the communication relevant and relatable to the consumers we target.

Foodpanda Pakistan

Agency: Ogilvy, Pakistan

It takes a lot of courage for a brand to own up and accept the shortcomings they feel they may have. Foodpanda Pakistan developed communication based on the fact that, although they may fail to meet the expectations of their customers at times, they promise to keep trying their best. Kudos to them for such a stance.

Red Label Tea

Agency: Ogilvy, India

Sometimes all you need to do is pick the simplest human insight and that in itself turns out to be a heartfelt story. This ad has it all. The casting, story and great insight! Loved this. Some ads stay with you, and this one did. This ad has so many subtexts and addresses so many issues at the same time.

Voiz Waffle

Agency: Ogilvy, Thailand

I absolutely love the humour in Thai ads. Unconventional, clutter-breaking and direct. They deal with it in a unique way. This ad is so much fun and I may have watched it several times. Thai ads have a unique way of advertising. They actually sell their products as a hard sell. So much so that if you remove the product from most of their ads, the communication falls. And, as mentioned, their humour is very different.


Agency: Ogilvy, India

I feel that in Pakistan, we have barely scratched the surface of animation in a detailed way. This is such fun and engaging content that one can watch it numerous times. What adds value to it is how the animation proudly owns the country it belongs to. What I have learnt from Indian communication is how much they celebrate and own their culture.


Agency: Alt Story

The best thing about this ad is that it gives you a great feeling by picking an occasion and celebrating. It’s fun and new. Lipton needed this newness and it has been shot exceptionally well. The narrative is happy and distinct from all other tea ads these days.


Agency: MullenLowe Rauf

Shot and written extremely well, this ad flows like a memory. It’s nostalgic and fun, breaks the typical ‘paint ad’ style and is very heartfelt. Sometimes all one needs is a reminder of how a product has been a part of their lives, instead of a rub in the face with a hard sell reminder. Loved it.

Kashmir Oil

Agency: Publicis Red Communication Arts

Ads for cooking oil tend to be treated in a monotonous fashion and until now, no one has tried to break this mould. Hence, it is commendable that Kashmir Oil adopted an unusual take by creating a new visual language for this category, amalgamating animation and real images. In doing so, the ad does not rehash typical gendered roles in the kitchen. Rather, the integration of animation into different realities is used to vividly display the multiple variants of Kashmir Cooking Oil. The duration for this ad may be too long but it does otherwise work well.