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The Top 5 Design Ideas of 2023

Julian Saunders picks his Top 5 design ideas of 2023.
Published 08 Jan, 2024 03:07pm

1. Nike, Go Fly Easy: Nike always creates desire and is the best-loved brand among 18-year-olds in the UK. Their new designs set the standard for sneakerheads (isn’t everyone a sneakerhead now?). The Go Fly Easy is perfect for impatient souls. You can just kick them on and kick them off.

2. Adidas, Terrex: I love countryside walks. So I am thinking about buying these. Incidentally, the second favourite brand among 18-year-olds is Adidas (and not Apple). The next gen is much more excited about fashion (especially sneakers) than tech, which they are used to, and take for granted.

3. Midjourney: Generates images from verbal descriptions. Creatives in ad agencies have been among the earliest adopters. Visit the website and click on ‘Community Showcase’ to see examples of what is possible. Hours of fun to be had. This could be your new creative tool.

4. Tulu, Your smart rental store: On-demand access to household items. My children are generation rent. And the next generation will be too – such is the housing crisis, especially in the major cities of the world. Moving from flat to flat they need access to expensive household items cheaply and temporarily. It’s back to the future; I used to rent my TV at university 40 years ago. Expect this to grow in the big cities.

5. Apple, iPhoto Plant Identifier: This is the one new feature on my iPhone that has brought me joy this year. As a lifelong Londoner, I am ignorant about wild flowers and trees. So you just take a photo and then press the ‘I’ button. Info about the plants (with Latin names and all) comes up. Knowledge about the world’s plants in your pocket.

Julian Saunders has led account planning departments in agencies big and small, been CEO of a WPP creative agency, worked in a Google innovation team and on behaviour change campaigns for the UK government.