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Mehreen Arjumand Almas, Director Strategic Planning, Golden Circle, picks her favourite and not-so-favourite recent ad campaigns.
Published 10 May, 2024 02:31pm

The modern criteria for creative and effective advertising seem to be limited to the idea of generating sales. Yet, the purpose of advertising is to reach relevant audiences, shift the consumer’s ‘want’ to the level of ‘urgent need’ and ultimately generate sales and profits for the company. Great ads should only be curated with the objective of educating, persuading and crafting brand positioning that hits the audience’s sweet spot. The purpose of advertising is to help brands generate business value, awareness and ultimately, brand equity. Effective communication identifies the problem area, creates a solution and establishes a brand opportunity.

Brand: National Foods

Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

Campaign: Karachi’s Best Biryani

Message: Introducing the nation’s favourite biryani mix.

Effectiveness: The ad can be said to have achieved a ‘checkmate’. The communication has covered all aspects of being Pakistani and living the Karachi lifestyle, with the local languages adding a twist to the communication. The catchy beat, coupled with the animation, is the icing on the cake. The message builds on the excitement of biryani as being the nation’s favourite dish, especially Karachi’s.

Verdict: Effective and concise, bold and competitive.

Brand: Olper’s Milk

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Campaign: Olper’s Derh Pao Bachat Pouch

Message: Introducing Olper’s savings pack.

Effectiveness: Despite the functional narrative, the communication grabs attention. The ad is on the higher side of creative effectiveness, as it provides consumers with a solution for their needs. It hits the sweet spot in the heart of the average consumer, given that most brands are increasing their prices, making Olper’s the real hero. The brand has also smartly established the product as a breakfast essential. The call to action is brilliantly embodied in the jingle, while the brand makes health and affordability the core of its USP. The ad is a win in the aggressive dairy category as it meets the needs of the audience while highlighting the brand’s benefits.

Verdict: The communication hits all the right chords.

Brand: Pepsi Zero

Agency: Viral Edge

Campaign: Pepsi Zero Sugar

Message: Pepsi Zero Sugar never tasted SO GOOD.

Effectiveness: The creative communication is exciting, contemporary and relevant to the aspirations of Generations Z and Alpha. It is also confident, competitive and relatable. Although not distinctive, the ad does secure brand recall, but it also lacks brand insight and the motivating factor to generate the required action. It seems unable to create the differentiation to address the ‘Why buy it?’ question.

Verdict: Bling and glamour do not always help a brand hit the bull’s eye. Had it not been for the dance number, the ad may have fallen flat.

Brand: Haier

Agency: Golden Circle

Campaign: Haier Twin Inverter+ Refrigerator – Real Freshness Leader

Message: Introducing the new and bigger Haier Turbo Inverter+.

Effectiveness: A unique take on creative effectiveness. The ad grabs consumer attention by prompting the consumer to take the right action. The communication is strategically aligned with the brand promise. The message is crisp and relevant and establishes Haier as the market leader in providing an all-in-one solution. The positioning is clear, making the brand appear as an innovative and smart solution.

Verdict: Clearly establishes the features and benefits of the brand.

Brand: Changan Oshan X7

Agency: Arkon

Campaign: #WatchMeMove

Message: Launching Changan Oshan X7 in Pakistan.

Effectiveness: Despite the brand’s attempt to create an effective ad, the communication did not tick the right boxes. Will there ever be a time when women are not objectified in order to sell a product? The ad was simply a model’s romantic catwalk with a fancy big car and zero narrative. There was no big idea and ultimately no connection with the brand or any attempt to establish the brand benefits or highlight the features of why Changan Oshan should be considered.

Verdict: The brand needs to work on its strategy and competitive positioning.

Mehreen Arjumand Almas is Director Strategic Planning, Golden Circle.