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Published in Sep-Oct 2022

Fatima Nasir, Senior Creative Manager, Daraz, lists her favourite and not-so-favourite recent ad campaigns.

Transitioning from advertising to the brand side widens your worldview. When you once thought clients are evil and rain on your parade, or do not leave any room for creativity in the brief, you slowly start to see how making an ad is about connecting one spoke to the hub of marketing, with so many others helping the wheel move in sync. Yes, advertising is important. However, great advertising must always have a measurable impact. Advertising should be effective. The campaigns you see may or may not be effective in terms of results – you’ll find both types on this list.

Brand: State Life Insurance Corporation Pakistan

Agency: Connect Marketing Communications

Campaign: 50 Year Anniversary

Message: Aye Khuda Meri Dharti Salamat Rahein

Effectiveness: I am waiting to see if people, especially mothers, take up life insurance after watching this ad. This TVC did several things very well. First, it managed to carry forward the nostalgia of the original ad in a meaningful way while also building upon it. The lyrics and vocals are on point. Also, I have never seen before a Baloch man featured as the core of a group showing the diverse cultures of Pakistan, nor a Baltit woman featured in an educational setting. It was a mammoth task to do justice to the iconic line, “Aye khuda mere abbu salamat rahein” as well as expand that prayer to mothers and eventually to the country. It gave a wholesome feel to the ad.

Verdict: Reminds you of the original while making you feel differently.

Brand: Dalda Cooking Oil

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf Group (India)

Campaign: Jahan Maamta Wahan Dalda featuring Fawad Khan

Message: Times changes, but a mother’s love never does

Effectiveness: Well thought-out analogies, on-point message delivery. Built on a strong insight, this ad manages to build upon the legacy of the brand in a powerful way. It is interesting that although they got a big name like Fawad Khan to be in the ad, they used him more for narration than screen time! The story is about his past and his child, but his part is surprisingly passive, which was a refreshing change.

Verdict: Will make you want to hug your mom.

Brand: United Bank Limited

Agency: Ogilvy

Campaign: 14th August Anthem

Message: United hai Pakistan (Is it? Do we believe that?)

Effectiveness: Meh. We are a nation with a youth heavy demographic, so it is no surprise that practically every brand wants to speak to “the youth”. Yet, these efforts usually come across as heavy-handed and forced. It’s a good execution, sure. The care and effort that went into making this anthem are clear in every frame. But you might change the channel mid-way, and you won’t be humming the tune anytime soon.

Verdict: Great animation, okay song. Does not inspire.

Photograph: Daraz's Facebook
Photograph: Daraz's Facebook

Brand: Daraz

Agency: In-house

Campaign: Daraz Azadi Sale

Message: Azadi is not for sale… everything else is

Effectiveness: Worked in tandem with functional messaging on digital touchpoints. Sometimes you don’t need celebrities or a fancy production to build on an idea. Sometimes you need four words or less to make a statement. By putting azadi on a pedestal and acknowledging that even the Daraz Azadi sale has everything but azadi, the brand makes a strong statement without letting go of its brand values and communication boundaries.

Verdict: A nod for data-driven product selection for all OOH.

Brand: Careem

Agency: In-house

Campaign: Tactical

Message: Directly hit inDriver for less-than-satisfactory customer experience

Effectiveness: It went viral. Need I say more? Any working individual without a vehicle will tell you that half the stress of the job is conveyance issues. With rising inflation and sky-high petrol prices, inDriver sought to grab a large chunk of Careem’s market share. They may have succeeded a bit, but guess what? Although you can bid on a price that is easy on the pocket, the hassle of dealing with rude, untrained drivers is something nobody wants to put up with. This campaign comes at a time when Careem, although struggling with keeping its audience at a higher premium, hits the nail on the head when it reminds you of the ease of booking a ride with one of their captains, and even being able to cancel if the rating is low. Careem has come up with quirky, head-turning campaigns in the past and this one is no different.

Verdict: Careem: 1 – inDriver: 0.

Brand: Sprite

Agency: Ogilvy

Campaign: Garmi Ko Sar Na Charhao

Message: Literally, garmi ko sar na charhao

Effectiveness: So if you are someone who has to go out smack in the middle of the day in the scorching heat and if anyone so much as accidentally touches you or talks to you, it is cause enough to aggravate the situation into a fistfight… this ad gets you. The copywriting is immaculate. Who wrote this? Can we be friends, please?

Verdict: Let’s all appreciate the simplicity and brilliance of this one.

Fatima Nasir is Senior Creative Manager, Daraz.