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A Few of My Favourite Things

Published in May-Jun 2022

Ghazaal Zuberi on a few of her favourite recent ad campaigns.

Amreli Steels – #50YearsSOLID
Agency: In-house
Categories: TV

In today’s digital world, easily consumable content that caters to our short attention spans seems to be what people seem to want. This is exactly where #50YearsSOLID manages to stand out. The five-minute-long ad keeps its grip on the audience throughout. The secret lies in the emotionally driven story, backed by a powerful insight, making it instantly relatable. The slow momentum is part of the charm, allowing as it does for creative liberty to play around with elements such as a soft melodious track, captivating cinematography and lots of feel-good reunion moments that are tied seamlessly together with a solid (pun intended) brand integration.

Maza By Popular – #AbAyegaMaza
Agency: Hive
Categories: TV, Digital

There is a certain ‘formula’ when it comes to appealing to Gen Z and nearly every brand has jumped on this bandwagon. You know what I mean – the catchy lyrics, the TikTok-esque transitions, etc. However, Maza ka Chaunsa is different, hits the nail on the head and leaves no stone unturned. The vibrant visuals, bold typography, offbeat sound, choreographed dances – it’s all there. And the ad takes it to a whole new level. The brand uses trends such as the Khaby Lame meme, a brilliant Squid Game reference, AND manages to throw clever shade at its competition (looking at you, Slice). This one will be remembered.

Shan Foods – #OathForHer
Agency: BBDO Pakistan
Categories: TV, Digital

Moving away from the perfect housewife we are all used to seeing on screen, Shan Foods took a plunge in the right direction. In a society where women are confined to the kitchen, the messaging is not only insightful, it is necessary. Seeing an unconventional and progressive mother as the protagonist was a refreshing move, as it perfectly encapsulated the feelings of women medical professionals, while simultaneously removing the barriers of the ‘doctor bahu’ stereotype.

State Bank of Pakistan (Roshan Digital Account) – Tum Juray Ho Tou Barha Hai Pakistan
Agency: Synergy Dentsu
Category: TV

Whether you live in your own country or far away, this song will resonate in the hearts of Pakistanis everywhere. A seamless awareness campaign that perfectly captures the functional aspect of Roshan Digital Account, along with the impact that users have made across the globe. The lyrics carry an effortlessly emotional appeal, backed by the strong vocals of Faisal Kapadia, Hadiqa Kiyani and Shehzad Roy.

SIUT – Ramadan Appeal 2022
Agency: Azadfilm
Categories: TV

What can I say? I can never get enough of emotional ads, as they require a creative mind and a sensitive heart. However, it’s tricky when you mix sappiness with marketability. SIUT simply knocked it out of the park with this one. Bringing the inspirational true story of an SIUT donor to life, this ad not only makes you shed a tear, it makes you want to make a difference.

Photograph: News 360
Photograph: News 360

Muzz – Where Muslims Meet***
Categories: Print

Having begun my advertising career as a copywriter, I read billboards more than I read road signs (not always a good idea) That being said, Muzz (formerly Muzzmatch) – the leading Muslim dating and marriage app – has really caught my attention with their clever and witty copy that is equal parts humorous and colloquial. Keep them coming!

Samsung (Germany) – Love Knows No Boundaries
Agency: Leo Burnett
Categories: Digital

Creativity at its finest. Showcasing the hilarious story of a tarantula with four eyes falling in love with the Samsung S22 Ultra and its beautiful four-eyed camera. Set to the tune of Love Hurts by Nazareth, this ad takes full advantage of the power of 3D and FX design to showcase the product features – literally through the eyes of nature!

Socar (Georgia) – What's Your Dirve?
Agency: Postred Creative Studio
Categories: Digital

We are all driven by something; that is what keeps us alive. This aspirational insight is the core message of the campaign. Supported by dynamic moves, powerful visuals and an electric sound – the ad plays out like a music video that never loses its momentum, making sure you stay engaged and inspired throughout.

Ghazaal Zuberi is Associate Creative Manager, Synergy Dentsu.