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Pepsi, Foodpanda Launch “Pepsi Weekdays”

Published 31 Dec, 2021 02:19pm
Pepsi and Foodpanda have collaborated to celebrate this season with exciting new deals for consumers.

We all save our celebrations for the weekends, and it makes sense to do so because that is when you tend to have the most time. Well, if you really think about it, weekends are usually the busiest with errands, family and more. So, Pepsi has made it their prerogative to turn weekdays into celebration days, by keeping its consumers at the core and giving them convenience and value for money through multiple weekday deals curated specifically with the consumer in mind.

Through a collaborative partnership, Pepsi and Foodpanda have created deals that give their consumers great discounts on weekdays to help facilitate any celebratory plans. The deals available include different types of restaurants, which mean no matter your palate, you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings. Plus, each deal includes the sweet taste of Pakistan’s favorite beverage: Pepsi.

The collaboration has also been propagated in some interesting ways, including using influencers to push the narrative of celebrating on weekdays. Influencers have been engaged to use Instagram to play out scenarios which the consumers can all relate to, to show how the Pepsi x Foodpanda deals can come into play. Whether you are a working woman running late at the office and have to entertain guests, or at home and your family decides to show up at your doorstep, or even at the office and can’t decide how to celebrate a milestone, Pepsi’s deals are at the forefront to create a mini-celebration, any time.

The point of this collaboration is to provide convenience and affordability to everyone looking to celebrate on weekdays. The deals have discounts that go up to 30%, 50% and more which provide great value for money. Pepsi, in collaboration with Foodpanda, which is one of the most used e-commerce platforms for food delivery, provides the consumer base with a perfect opportunity to enjoy their favorite meals at amazing prices with the utmost convenience.