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An Unconventional New Lawn Trend

Updated 13 Apr, 2021 03:03pm
Generation, Sana Safinaz and Khaadi campaigns for lawn are a breath of fresh ad air.

Ushering in the new season of lawn, Spring has brought a variety of unconventional ads. From shifting the gender bias or embracing different body types to celebrating the season, the recent Generation, Khaadi and Sana Safinaz campaigns have us looking at lawn advertising a little differently.

**Cycling in Lawn**

With all the changes ushered in by the pandemic – a year of lockdowns and businesses slowing down and people doing things differently – we all want to do things that make us ‘feel good’ and generate some helpful endorphins. Generation’s 'Parwaaz' manages to successfully reflect this new mood with a group of young women getting out into the open air, bicycling along the beach, thereby promoting the idea of being free and unapologetically ‘take flight’ – (the literal translation of Parwaaz). What is different about this campaign is that there is no female objectification whatsoever. The slogan ‘Take flight this season with clothes that don’t hold you back’ tells us that rather than looking good, this is about women doing what they want to do and exercising that freedom by taking to their bicycles. By revamping what we consider fashionable from looking good to being empowered, this campaign pioneers a new way of thinking about fashion. The unconventional concept behind this TVC by Jamal Rahman is receiving great positive acclaim on social media.

*Seizing the Day in Lawn*

When it comes to being unconventional, Khaadi definitely makes us take notice by introducing positive messages along with a plus sized model. With boho themed songs and depictions of girls having fun, the campaign encourages audiences to love themselves and make the most of today. The inclusion of plus sized models takes Khaadi’s campaign to another level. Consumers of Khaadi are real people and real people come in all shapes and sizes and women can and do experience weight fluctuations throughout different phases of life, which doesn’t mean that they have to stop wearing clothes they enjoy. This is a very effective way of advertising their new collection – not to forget all the positive feedback they are receiving for embracing the whole ‘body positivity’ movement. Everyone should take a leaf out of this campaign and its non-apologetic stance on inclusivity and embracing yourself! Such unconventional trends of positivity and self-love in a world that doesn’t always support it, are likely to be welcomed by audiences with open arms.

*Regality in Lawn*

Sana Safinaz’s luxury lawn campaign puts a whole new spin on regal lawn garments with the title song Teri Qasam by Shuja Haider. Directed by Mohsin Ali Tawasuli, it features a love story among royal families, including a maharaja, a prince, a diwan and his daughter. The song has received multiple positive reviews online. By incorporating luxury lawn into contemporary yet traditional storytelling, the brand creates a new identity for their offerings. Shot at beautiful scenic locations, this TVC showcases models in elaborate lawn prints enjoying boat rides, jaunts through green fields and vacations at a beautiful villa. One of the main strengths of this ad is that it features models of different body types making it realistic and relatable.

Sana Ahmad Safdar is a graduate in Communication, Culture and Information Technology and a freelance writer.