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Rifah Qadri Wins Courageous Client Award at the Caples

Easypaisa's Rifah Qadri becomes first Pakistani to win the Courageous Client award for the Audio Nikahnama campaign.
Updated 01 Jul, 2024 02:48pm

In the March-April issue, Aurora covered Easypaisa’s ‘Audio Nikahnama’ campaign, an initiative designed to promote financial inclusivity for women by facilitating access to, and understanding of, the Islamic marriage contract – a document that contains crucial clauses affording financial protection to women. The campaign has gone on to win a number of international accolades such as the Dubai Lynx, the Clios and most recently, the Caples Awards.

The Caples Awards, run by Patrick Collister and Duncan Gray, is a UK-based international advertising awards show “managed by creative people for creative people, to recognise and reward work that works.”

During the 2024 Caples Awards, Easypaisa’s ‘Audio Nikahnama’ campaign, designed by Impact BBDO, emerged victorious in three categories, namely: Audio, Not-for-Profit and Mobile (app-based), winning gold, bronze and silver, respectively.

● Audio (Gold): This category can include radio commercials of any length, podcasts or sponsored messaging within radio programming or any innovative use of audio messaging or voice-activated technology. In essence, the Nikahnama campaign’s functionality and subsequent success were rooted in the provision of an audio guide and reading of the marriage contract, accessible anytime from any mobile phone or landline.

● Not-for-Profit (Bronze): This category can include all purpose-driven ideas, including any video, online, offline experience, mailing, print, direct response, TV execution or campaign produced for a charity, NGO or cause-related action. As stated by Easypaisa: “For the first time, an immense conversation has been sparked nationally. Millions of women are now aware of the need to read their marriage contracts, especially understanding financial implications, a topic considered taboo. Discussions are now in place to push for legislation which mandates a marriage registrar to ask the bride specifically whether she has understood her marriage contract.”

● Mobile (Silver): This category can include any example of a mobile/tablet/connected device app, SMS solution, location-based idea, video, banner or social media video designed specifically for a hand-held medium. According to Easypaisa, 35,000 calls were made to the hotline from across the country. For the brand, 200,000 new sign-ups increased their female user base by six percent.

After the jury evaluates all submissions, the president of the jury handpicks who they deem to be the most courageous marketer in the world – this category is known as ‘The President’s Awards’. This year, Rifah Qadri, Head of Marketing at Easypaisa, won the ‘Courageous Client Award’, sponsored by WPP.

In conversation with Qadri, she articulated the meaning this award held, referring to the 2022 winner Nayla Tueni, a Lebanese journalist who championed the fight for truth and transparency at great personal risk. Tueni’s dedication to women’s rights echoes Qadri’s vision for the Nikahnama campaign. “We won because this campaign was not profit-oriented. My team and I knew this was an impactful campaign, unlike anything we have ever done before.” It required significant patience and zeal to lead the charge. “Women who have the courage to do certain things are always blamed”, Qadri notes, “but I have always loved a challenge and no matter what anyone says, I follow my gut.”

Although the campaign was received favourably both in Pakistan and on the global stage, it was not uncommon to hear a backhanded ‘they did this to win awards’ comment. Well, for Qadri “awards can be a mechanism for awareness” and awareness was the underlying goal upon which the ‘Audio Nikahnama’ campaign was built. “Being recognised on an international platform with global competitors brings prestige to the Easypaisa brand and traction to our Nikahnama campaign, the premise of which was to make a difference. There is no reason why a functional campaign cannot have a social impact.”

When asked what the future holds, Qadri is determined not to let herself get comfortable. “While it is important to sustain this, I want to switch it up constantly. I don’t want to bask in any glory. I’m going to keep building and my focus will remain on women empowerment in Pakistan.”

Alifya Sohail is a content coordinator at Aurora Magazine.