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Campaign Watch (March-April 2023)

Published in Mar-Apr 2023

Murtaza Shakir talks about ad campaigns that hit the mark – and those that didn't.

 . Our industry needs a lot of positivity to blossom its craftsmanship, especially when building creative minds. The work should be appreciated but should also be evaluated to improve it further. With this intent, here are my picks for this edition’s Campaign Watch.

Brand: Mitchell’s Fruit Farms

Production House: Addiction Films

Campaign: Mitchell’s RTE (Real Time Engagement)

Message: Mitchell’s superior quality and taste

Effectiveness: The commercial highlights Mitchell’s entire food range, featuring a series of playful shots. The freshness of Mitchell’s products, fresh from their farms, are presented using colourful food shots. Viewers can almost feel the ingredients, texture and smoothness as they melt and drip on the screen. The visuals depict the wholesomeness within the variety of the brand’s pastes and dried vegetables to show how their products can add magic to the dishes. The communication is creative and effective in conveying the message that Mitchell’s sauces are of the highest quality. The commercial lives up to the positioning of the brand, “Farm Fresh since 1933,” and reinforces their premium placement in the market.

Verdict: Appealing! Touches the emotional aspect of a consumer’s decision-making process and successfully portrays the brand’s quality, taste, variety and freshness to its fullest.

Brand: Shan Foods

Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Campaign: Khushyaan Banane Wali

Message: Inclusion of women in happy moments

Effectiveness: The campaign highlights the dilemma of the Pakistani homemaker. She works hard in the kitchen to create joy and happiness for her family, but her efforts often go unappreciated and unnoticed. The storyline is well-executed and highlights the fact that the issues of the modern woman are the same as the age-old predicaments of the traditional housewife. The TVC strikes a chord with the target audience – homemakers and their families. With an emotional appeal that captures the attention of audiences, encouraging them to change, this ad shows that gender stereotypes can be dispelled by the very gender that was expected to resist them. Overall, it delivers a message of gender equality and inclusivity. The lyrics and the background score effectively blend with the message.

Verdict: A positive step. It is a great example of advertising to bring about social change.

Brand: Nestlé Everyday

Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

Campaign: Tum Mein Hai Kuch Khaas

Message: The bonding between couples in living a fulfilled life

Effectiveness: This communication is a prime example of a light-hearted piece to strike the emotions of our nation of tea drinkers. It has a catchy tune and a cool emotional spin that strikes a perfect vibe. The background score by Abdul Hanan is the cherry on top and gives it a symphonic feel. It is a brilliant step in building Nestlé’s equity further and a testament that the brand is forward-looking and wants to innovate keeping in mind the needs of the consumers.

Verdict: Great taste with great communication! Nestlé Everyday has nailed it in a spontaneous story format.

Brand: Rivaaj Pakistan

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Campaign: I Set My Own Rivaaj

Message: To live according to your own terms

Effectiveness: The communication was intended to hit the right chord but unfortunately it lost its glow in the execution. Women’s empowerment does not always have to be perceived as defiance. Confidence and liberation should come from within. Societal change can be handled in several ways and this communication ruins the core philosophy. Although the tagline is apt and could have been elevated to a very different level in terms of execution.

Verdict: Poor storyline and relevance. The spirit of the campaign could have been realigned with a more meaningful thought.

Brand: Sooper

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Campaign: Seedhi Saadi Khushi Hai Sooper

Message: Celebrating moments of Joy

Effectiveness: Sooper’s ad Seedhi Saadi Khushi Ka Maza, highlighting its packaging change and celebrating moments of eternal love, has everything going for it. The tagline Seedhi Saadi Khushi Ka Maza is one of the praiseworthy elements of this communication. This emotionally-led campaign has the potential to become an enduring icon for Sooper, generating significant fame and millions of views on YouTube. The copywriting is brilliant and relatable, tugging at emotions of nostalgia and love, and has a broad reach. The campaign will serve as a promising brand platform for Sooper, helping to build genuine and quality memory structures in people, increasing mental availability and complementing its physical availability.

Verdict: Powerful and promising. Sooper can leverage this campaign for sustained growth in the coming years.

Brand: District One Lahore

Campaign: Gateway to Excellence

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Message: To make people aware of authentic real estate projects

Effectiveness: The communication is elegantly shot, showcasing the project’s unique selling points. The storyline is effective, featuring a smooth-talking real estate agent who tries to dupe an executive into buying a plot in a project where possession will only be granted after five years. However, the executive turns out to be a smart investor and decides to invest in District One Lahore, where buyers can get possession in one year. The shooting is crisp, and the script is well-written. The performance of the actors is noteworthy, adding credibility to the message. It is a good example of effective marketing and advertising. By highlighting the project’s unique selling points, it appeals to potential buyers, creating a sense of urgency and value.

Verdict: Simple and informative. An ad that will attract potential buyers looking for reliable real estate investment opportunities.

Murtaza Shakir is a film director, CEO Addiction Films and Chief Creative Officer, MullenLowe & Rauf Group.