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A Few of My Favourite Things

Published in Jan-Feb 2023

Noor Sohail lists his favourite local and global ads from the recent past.

Shan – #KhushiyanBananeWali

Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Categories: TV, Digital

Every mother is usually in the kitchen. Although she ensures her family creates all kinds of happy moments, she is not around to see each detail or be captured in that moment because of her dedication in the kitchen. Whether it is a family dinner or a dinner party, she misses out because she is making sure the food is perfect. This ad is very relatable because it applies to every family. From the insight to the way this ad was crafted, it does justice to the idea and made me wonder about the number of special moments my mother missed just because she was busy in the kitchen, creating her magic. It reminds us that kitchen duty is not just her job.

Habib Metropolitan Bank – 75 Years of Pakistan & Habib Banking Legacy

Agency: Synergy Dentsu

Category: Digital

For Pakistanis, Independence Day is a moment of celebration. It reignites patriotism and unites everyone. Yet, behind all the happiness, joy and patriotism, we drift away from our own reality for just this one day. This ad is a reminder of this reality and makes us think of the hardships, struggles, tears and despair that every Pakistani has felt at some point. Yet they have never given up, just like the country, because they have the determination to make things better. This ad reignites patriotism and evokes the true reality of every Pakistani and of Pakistan. The insight, storytelling and execution were spot-on, and did justice to the brand.

Zeera Plus – Har Chai Ka Plus

Agency: JWT|GREY

Categories: TV, Digital, Radio

Gen Z are digital natives. Boomers are trying their best to stay relevant in the eyes of the new generation, yet they reminisce about the good old days. There is a gap between the two. To bridge the gap, we need to communicate and spend time with each other – over the one thing that unites every Pakistani: chai. This ad brings this insight to the fore. The communication is light-hearted and the brand is seamlessly integrated within it. It highlights the nuances in the relationship between every nani and dada and their grandchildren. Kudos to a communication that brings a smile to our faces.

Sooper – Cricketers Se Juri Seedhi Saadi Khushi

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Categories: TV, Digital, Radio

The World Cup season is a festive moment in Pakistan. Luckily, in the past few years, we have developed stars that are worth cherishing and applauding. They have all grown up in front of us and somehow or the other, we are linked to them. We have seen them play in the streets and struggle to rise to the top. This ad highlights how these stars have always been among us and it touched my heart because it shows our stars as human beings, and the part we play in developing their careers and setting their trajectory of success.

Dalda – Maamta Story

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf Group

Categories: TV, Digital, Radio

The bond between a mother and child is a bond no one can ever understand. The unconditional love is inexplicable. This ad shows the beauty of a mother’s love that runs through generations, as she shows equal love for her grandchildren. The generations may change, but the bond continues. This concept defines what storytelling is about. It weaves insight with colloquial relevance. A mother will always worry and ensure that her child is well-fed, and children tend to forget that. But when they realise this, they understand what their mother does for them. The brand integration in this wonderful story was seamless and melted my heart.

Cred – Play It Different

Agency: DDB Mudra

Category: Digital

As a creative, I yearn to have concepts approved and produced like this once in my life. It has set a benchmark for advertising and left me utterly inspired. This series of ads don’t just use celebrity endorsements; it deep-dives into the celebrity’s lifestyle and what made them famous, and spins it to show how rewarding the Cred app can be. Short, snappy but oh so effective! Storytelling is about captivating the audience, and this communication does it perfectly. Ads like this give us a reason to believe in the power of storytelling and advertising.

Kia America – Robo Dog

Agency: David & Goliath

Categories: TV, Digital

This ad is adorable! Imagine linking loyalty to innovation in such a brilliant way! The execution is spectacular. The association you develop with the Robo Dog is fantastic. It leaves you mesmerised, and makes you wonder if you can ever execute a campaign like this one. The insight and the connection to the product are brilliant. You cannot find anything wrong with an ad like this. It inspires and makes you see what true advertising looks like. Creatively, this ad is the epitome. It shows all the product features and keeps you hooked to the story. In ads like these, it’s the meat that matters and not the length.

Virgin Atlantic – I Am What I Am

Agency: Lucky Generals

Categories: TV, Digital

The beauty of this ad is the insight behind it. It is an encouragement to embrace inclusivity and accept everyone for whom they are. A plane is a perfect place to meet people of different identities, races, colour, ethnicities and so on. It encapsulates all kinds of differences and treats them as unique.

Muhammad Noor Sohail is Senior Creative Manager, Synite Digital.