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A few of my favourites

Published in May-Jun 2014

The Senior Creative Manager, RGBlue Communications, shares his favourite ads.

Brand: Airtel

Category: Print

Advertising Airtel’s mobile phone data backup service with the message, ‘Don’t lose your contacts when you drop your phone.’ An example of brilliant communication through clearly executed design.

Agency: Rediffusion Y&R Gurgaon, India

Brand: Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent

Category: Print

Get that sheep off your plate with Sunlight. Realistic and amazingly engaging imagery that makes the reader stop before he/she turns the page. We all know how it feels when after a great meal it’s then time to scrub away the remains of the cooking. This is what Sunlight helps with. Not letting tough food residues ruin your happy post-meal mood.

Agency: Lowe Bangkok, Thailand

Brand: Olper’s

Category: Packaging

An interesting and new packaging innovation that makes the traditional pouch more functional. Made from eco-friendly and biodegradable material, the new pack is a convenient mini jug-shaped pouch that is not messy when pouring and doesn’t collapse when set down.

Agency: JWT Pakistan

Brand: Searle Vitamin Water

Category: Outdoor

The ad aims to encourage people to drink water or Vitamin Water even in winter when we’re less thirsty. Communicated perfectly in a young, refreshing and clutter-free manner.

Agency: RG-Blue Communications, Pakistan

Brand: Crisis Relief Singapore

Category: Print

A tough and hard hitting take on slack-ism whereby ads speak to those of us who think a mere ‘like’ and ‘share’ helps a cause. Although the awareness created through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ is valuable, real help includes donations or hands on aid. And by hands on, they don’t mean the hand that ‘likes’.

Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Brand: Coca-Cola #HurDumPakistani

Category: TV

Stepping away from the conventional friends and fun platform, this campaign attempts to pull at our heartstrings. The hashtag with a caption that takes into account the growing social media scene is an interesting way to highlight how hashtags are an effective way of tracking trends.

Agency: Soho Square, Pakistan

Brand: Sprite ka tarka

Category: TV

An interesting concept that takes into account our love for spicy desi food, with a jingle that appeals to the ‘item number’ lover in all of us. With the scream that follows the Sprite ka tarka, the brand proudly takes ownership of the previously negative sizzling burn one feels when spicy food is washed down with a Sprite, presenting it almost as a challenge.

Agency: Soho Square, Pakistan