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Published in Nov-Dec 2019

The Aurora team pick their favourite ads from 2019.

Ahmed Foods – Zaiqay Ki Zubaan

Categories: TV

Not many people had heard of Ahmed Foods until this TVC started to air; the fact that it featured a hearing and speech impaired woman who uses her cooking skills to communicate (and shame her judgmental neighbours in the process) was heart-warming to say the least. The TVC drove home the fact that advertising in Pakistan is slowly – but surely – moving towards inclusivity.

Agency: Wide Angle Films

Gillette: The Best Men Can Be

Category: Digital

This Gillette ad turned the company’s well known tagline ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ to ‘The Best Men Can Be’. The ad sparked controversy, as many people (mostly men, of course) felt it showed men in a negative light, as the communication highlighted several types of negative behaviours associated with men, such as bullying or sexual harassment with the oft repeated justification of ‘boys will be boys’.

Agency: GREY

Kingtox: Dimagh Ke Keray Ke Ilawa Har Keray Ko Maray

Category: Digital

We all have keeras (innate tendencies to get irritated by seemingly innocuous things) and this was the insight that led to the creation of this ad. It is to Kingtox’s credit that they were able to create a memorable piece of communication using subtle humour rather than opting for the overused mechanism of showing flies and cockroaches killed by using a spray.

Agency: Arrey Wah

Diamond Supreme Foam: Papa Jaani

Category: TV

The Diamond Supreme foam ad, now infamously referred to as Papa Jaani was brilliant. (The fact that they were sued by Molty Foam helped increase the campaign’s visibility.) However, like most mattress ads, this one too begged the question: where on earth are the bedsheets?

Agency: Orientm McCann

Soya Supreme: Thora Aur Khao

Category: TV

Two words: catchy jingle. Whether this ad is playing on TV or the radio, its “Thora aur khao” (our oil is so healthy you can afford to eat a little more) jingle immediately makes you want to sing along. The high quality food shots and fast-paced tempo help to make our mouths water. Funnily enough, Dalda’s latest campaign had a similar theme, which failed to impress. Why? It was preaching rather than singing, perhaps?

Agency: Fishbowl

PepsiCo: Pepsi Black

Category: TV

From the youngest female MMA fighter of Pakistan (Anita Karim) to a winning band member in Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 2 (Vais Khan), Pepsi launched their ‘bold’ new drink, Pepsi Black – with new faces and a motivating vibe. Not only does the TVC encourage youngsters to pursue their ambitions, it commends the five new faces for their hard work, fervour and success in their respective fields.

Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

Nike: Dream Crazier

Category: Digital

With an indirect play on the words ‘she is crazy’ and their history of highlighting the accomplishments of extraordinary athletes, Nike does it again. They focus on the emotional outbursts of female athletes during competitions, pointing out society’s hypocrisy when it criticises women for showing emotion (after a major win or when a bad call is made) but have no issues when men do the same.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Kia Sportage 2019: Different is Good

Category: TV

As non-marriage related father-daughter ads are popping up in different brand communications, Kia Motors too has taken a leaf out of this book. Although the VO lacks in terms of delivery, the script and cinematography (father and daughter playing together, the city shots) make up for it, leaving audiences with a smile on their faces (and more than a little relief that the topic of marriage did not appear anywhere).

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf