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Published in Nov-Dec 2019

The Top 5 Marketing Fails of 2019

From Aurora's 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode

1. Sooper nahin tha junoon

Technically from the tail-end of 2018, but the repercussions were felt well into 2019. Perfect example of why throwing money at marketing challenges is not always the best strategy.

2. Careem Runaway Bride Ad

Brilliant, ballsy ad. But perhaps Careem underestimated the pushback from the Pakistani everyman and annoyed some of their target demographic in the process.

3. Insert royal couple here

Catching trends is cool, but you have to craft the content angling wisely. Just photo-shopping something into the grid and slapping a caption on them is just lazy, Pakwheels.

4. Ariel’s Chaar Deewaari Narrative

You know you have messed up when religious types are issuing mini-fatwas against you. Powerful narrative, but unfortunate timing (too close to Aurat March) sent the public on a witch-hunt.

5. Anything featuring Ahmed Shah

Just crass opportunism. It is bad enough that we did not learn from our mistakes with the chai wala fiasco. But the brands milking this kid for marketing mileage are just plain evil.

Umair Kazi is Partner, Ishtehari.