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Talking Heads 2019 - Part Eight

Published in Nov-Dec 2019

Aurora polled Pakistan’s leading agency and corporate heads on their thoughts about AdAsia 2019.

1. In your opinion, how relevant/irrelevant is AdAsia to Pakistan’s marketing and communications industry?
2. As Pakistan’s marketing and communications industry moves into 2020:
i) What are the three biggest changes to have impacted your agency/brand communication efforts in the last decade and what concrete steps have you implemented to adapt to them?
ii) What further changes will you implement in order to ensure your agency/brand stays relevant?

Imran Irshad
CEO, M&C Saatchi Pakistan

1 Relevant. Pakistan’s advertising industry has been lagging behind the region; it is good to see Pakistan in the spotlight after a long time.
2 i) M&C Saatchi is a young entity in Pakistan, so it was born into the change. The management team has implemented lessons learned.
ii) We will continue to ensure we have the best HR as we are a people business. We will stay in touch with the latest consumer insight tools connected to developments in media and consumer touchpoints.

Anis Khan
MD, Manhattan Communications

1 Relevant. Experts from all over the world with knowledge and insights will enable our profession to benefit from the exchange of ideas and solutions.
2 i) We faced shrinking revenues so we centralised all our advertising disciplines, which optimised cost effectiveness. We integrated a digital framework in all our offerings.
ii) Embracing technology drives success. Evolving to fulfil the needs of our clients. Building brands through creativity and proactively enabling brands to cultivate lasting relationships with end users by problem solving.

Azam Jalal Khan

1 Relevant. With a 200+ million population, Pakistan offers a great deal of potential and this needs to be showcased across the region.
2 i) Technology and innovation: Our fundamentals are built on technology.
Consumer behavior: Content and media consumption have changed drastically and we provide a data science infrastructure and mobile first approach to content development. ROI expectations: By developing capabilities in data science and performance marketing we have been able to deliver precise campaigns to our clients.
ii) Continue to build on big data, AI and deep learning.

Dara Bashir Khan
CEO, Manhattan International

1 Relevant. Times are challenging and creativity plays a huge role in making ad agencies stand out. Such platforms encourage creativity and help the industry evolve.
2 i) Shift from traditional to digital and evolving media: We have incorporated a digital wing within the agency. Increasing specialised services: We offer 360 degree solutions under one roof. Fragmented media exposure: We use targeted solutions such as digital.
ii) Expanding our 360 degree offerings, providing complete creative, media, digital and production solutions, and remaining receptive to new trends and media.