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Top 5 Brand Activism Initiatives of 2018

Published in Nov-Dec 2018

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1.Dalda’s #MeriAwaz

Finally, a cooking oil brand has done it right; a brilliant shift from a health shield to an advocate against body shaming. For the brand that owns the words Mamta to embrace confidence and bring up the fat versus fit debate is a step in the right direction.

2. edenrobe’s #IChooseMe

The idea of a doctor bahu and the practice of objectifying women to tick the boxes for an ideal rishta was the theme bravely taken up by edenrobe. When one brand is gutsy enough to raise its voice for prioritising oneself, the echoes are heard across the globe.

3.Nike’s controversy or #BoycottNike

Nike caused an outcry after featuring Colin Kaepernick in their campaign, with reports about burning Nike shoes and online sales going up at the same time. Now that’s how you stay iconic even after 30 years of ‘Just Do It’.

4.Generation’s #ShanazKiShadi

It was a delight to see another fashion brand taking up a social cause and breaking stereotypes around the shadi ki umar. In a country were weddings are not only the biggest events but a recurring theme in morning shows and drama serials, this take on the shadi of a middle-aged woman with beautiful grey hair not only stood out of the clutter, it created meaningful conversations.

5.Lacoste’s #SaveOurSpecies

After 85 years, Lacoste replaced their iconic crocodile logo with endangered species and the world called it fashionable and helpful. A good example that CSR is integral to brand-building and you can do it for a profit.

Atiya Zaidi is ECD (North), Synergy Dentsu.