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The Top 5 lifestyle trends of 2018

Published in Nov-Dec 2018

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1.Bye bye jungle prints

The fauna, exotic birds and gilded cages which found their way onto every Pakistani lawn print were mercifully bid goodbye. Geometric patterns, florals and solid colours found their way back into prêt land.

2. Staycations

Call it the rise of the dollar or the result of military action in the north, but the result is a surge in yoga and meditation groups heading to Chitral, Hunza and Shigar, while globetrotting families holidayed in Gilgit and the more adventurous ventured to the Pak-China Border for yak-spotting.

3.Glorious gut health

Eating right to fix the gut emerged as a focal point of conversation in the 35+ age group. A rise in the use of probiotics, embracing local produce and an emphasis on doing the 18:6 Intermittent Fasting Programme (one eats in a six-hour window and allows the gut to rest for 18 hours) found followers, as evidenced by the many support groups popping up on Facebook.

4.Pet grooming services

Urban hubs have seen a steady rise in grooming services for pets. Pet owners can book a home visit and benefit from services ranging from a shampoo, tick removal, nail trim and furry coat maintenance. With tariffs ranging from Rs 1,500 per visit and going up to Rs 2,500, the service seems to have found a solid clientele amongst the well-heeled.

5. Gen Z in the hiring line

Gen Z (born after 1998) have taken over as the influencers of trends. They are also on the cusp of entering the workforce – and seeking them out for employment are Millennials who until recently were the youngest kids on the block. Now, it is the Millennials who are designing hiring grids, creating jobs and identifying performance benchmarks to entice and engage a young, vertical, storytelling generation.

Farahnaz Haider Shaikh is CEO, Five Communications.