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Published in Nov-Dec 2017

Top 5 lifestyle trends of 2017

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Careem

The car booking app has not only added mobility and efficiency to our lives, it has brought a sense of independence to women, who would otherwise rely on friends, family or family drivers to drive them around, often at the mercy of their convenience. 

2. Juice bars

Health and wellness is all the rage, so it didn’t take long for Pakistanis to embark on juice cleanses and smoothies, replacing our meals. And this brought about the juice bars.

3. Ice pops

Orange Jet Sport is for life, but newbies Lush Crush and Ice Pop Co are two brands that have brought forth delicious options, such as salted caramel, iced mojito (virgin of course) and yoghurt berry (for the health-conscious). The flavours are new and constantly evolving, and the price point at Rs 300 to 500 a pop is not bad. 

4. Keto

We have tried the Atkins, the South West Beach and the GM diets. We have tried Bullet Coffee and a straightforward protein diet, so why not give Keto a shot? And judging by our social media timelines, many are jumping on the low-carb-high-fat (yay) diet.

5. Local shoe brands

Local fashionistas usually had to beg relatives flying in to bring stylish and casual footwear that wasn’t a khussa or a kolhapuri. But with new local brands like Chapter13, Hobo, Magnolia, Miaasa and Soma, pocket-friendly shoes in great styles are available right here.

Khizra Munir is CEO, CoPakistan.