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Published in Nov-Dec 2017

Top 5 Content Marketing Initiatives

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Strepsils Stereo

This August 14, the Habib Metro and Strepsils Stereo ads, from a novelty angle, were amazing ideas. Locally, we like to hammer the message like a blacksmith; this was as nuanced as a ballerina.

2. Veet Academy

This year Veet decided to throw in a bit of education. It’s not easy to market a perceived taboo brand in Pakistan, even though things have changed, so doing this was a bold move.

3. Jeremy McLellan

Give it up for the Pindi boys! American comedian comes over to Islamabad and conquers our hearts. At the same time, he also became a brand ambassador for a softer image of Pakistan.

4. US Embassy

While Jeremy’s visit is recent, the US Embassy have been sharing experiences of their team exploring Pakistani culture, such as sherwanis and mangoes, for a while now. They even went cow shopping at a mandi. The US Consulate General in Karachi and Lahore are doing an equally good job, showing their staff exploring Pakistan and learning about our culture.

5. Teeli

The new kid on-the-block which is creating video content for Pakistan’s young and doing better than brands and digital agencies. Their videos are refreshing and enjoyable.

Tyrone Tellis is a marketing professional working in Pakistan.