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Riding the Zalima bandwagon

Updated 20 Jul, 2018 03:28pm
A look at how some brands responded to the chai versus Coke brand war.


When Coke launched their Zalima chai nahi Coke piladay campaign, it created a lot of buzz online, and garnered very extreme responses – people either hated Coke for ‘dissing’ their beloved chai or applauded their bravado for taking on Pakistan’s ‘national’ drink. Quick to jump on the Chai-Coke war bandwagon were several brands. Here is how they responded:

Lipton, the tea giant posted this to show their solidarity with chai lovers. Their message was simple and clear.

Mezan’s response was even better; they replied: with Woh Zalima hee hai jo chai na pilaye.

Tapal Danedar’s response was our favourite couple enjoying their zalima chai because, after all, where there is tea there is hope!

The new kid on the block, Dostea tea whitener, took on Coke with a zalima of their own.

Meanwhile, Nestle EveryDay took a different route and reinforced their relevance by challenging zalima to dunk a cookie in coke! Eek!

Not wanting to be left behind, PIA decided to be the peacemaker by attempting to unite Coke and chai lovers under their roof.

Mitchells and Tang added their two cents because...hey! Why not?

And last, but not least, Gai Power Wash proclaimed they could wash away all the zaalims!