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A Few of our Favourite Things

Published in Nov-Dec 2016
The Aurora team picks its favourite ads.

UN Women Pakistan – #BeatMe

Category: TV
A powerful message against domestic violence delivered through a strong script and execution. The campaign includes Aamina Sheikh, Meesha Shafi, Naseem Hameed, Sana Bucha – all prominent women in their fields of expertise – standing up against violence and challenging men to beat them; but at things they are good at.

Agency: BBDO, Pakistan

Shell Advance – Once upon a bike

Category: TV
Every bike rider shares a special relationship with his bike; whether it’s driving through heavy traffic, sneaking out on a date, or rushing to his first job. This is the insight that Shell cleverly builds on in this campaign. The articulate Urdu script, emotive voiceover and shots all complement the brand’s insight, and make this ad a treat to watch. 

Agency: JWT Pakistan

Nurpur – Dairy

Category: TV
Perhaps one of few local ads with no voiceover or dialogue, yet it communicates the products’ functions brilliantly. The inviting shots of Nurpur’s dairy products, the well-blended background music by Noori, and the beautiful Sadaf Kanwal enjoying every bite – food porn at its best! 

Agency: Fishbowl, Pakistan

Big Bazaar – Naiki ka maheena

Category: TV
Good storytelling, apt characterisation and a simple yet effective idea that evokes Ramazan’s spirit of sharing and compassion. The ad touches the heart and always brings a smile to one’s face!

Agency: DDB Mudra West, India

Dostea – Ghar

Category: TV
Family-centric ads tend to revolve around a typical ‘saas bahu’ setup. Yet here, Dostea’s Ghar, a series of five ads, show a quirky family excited and curious to meet the newest member – the bahu – of the family. Dance, drama and dosti, these ads were fun to watch and made joint families cool again!

Agency: Fishbowl, Pakistan

Prada – Autum/Winter ‘16

Category: Print
2016 can be termed as the year when transgenders went under the spotlight – in the West at least. Plays, radio discussions, art and films have sought to highlight the issues and experiences faced by people whose sexual identities do not correspond to their assigned sex. Prada seems to have caught on to the edginess of the concept by releasing a series of ads featuring Eddie Redmayne, who is married to Hannah Bagshawe and who after his Oscar-winning performance as Stephen Hawking, made the film headlines this year again with The Danish Girl, where he plays Lili Elbe the transgender artist. In this ad, Redmayne perfectly captures the androgynous look evocative of the current times when diversity is being both exulted and excoriated.

Agency: In-house/Photographer: Craig McDean

Al Haikal Restaurant

Category: TVC
Another ‘creative ad’ to split your sides from the writer/director Waseem Hassan Sheikh AKA ‘Axe-cuse me guy’ (from the ‘Kit Kat telcum powder’ ad). The guy has a constellation of ridiculous ideas, which one can only admire for breaking the clutter. This TVC tells us that Al Haikal’s food is so appealing that Sheikh’s former girlfriend, who seems immensely angered upon catching him with another woman, instantly and unabashedly turns into a ‘Miss Congeniality’ just so she can share a few bites of the delectable dishes with the couple. The popularity of this guy is proving that in an otherwise intellectually-challenging world, ‘dumb’ has become the new entertainment!

Agency: Hassan Studio 1, Pakistan

Amazon – Christmas 2016

Category: TV
Interfaith understanding has never been so necessary, yet never so difficult to achieve. In this TVC, Amazon brings out the commonalities between faiths, human beings and their frailties, as a Muslim imam and a Catholic priest meet socially. We don’t know what they discuss, but when they separate, both are struck by what turns out to be the same thought. The next day both receive a delivery from Amazon containing knee pads to assist them in their prayer. Brilliant.

Agency: Joint, London