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The Top 5 TVCs of 2016

Updated Jan 03, 2017 05:14pm
From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Telenor Rawaan

This seven minute work of art shot by Jami with Daniyal Raheel as the lead should not be labelled a TVC. With a haunting and hypnotic quality, the film ensures you don’t quit half way, but travel with the main lead in his quest to find what he is looking for. What a journey! What a soulful trip.

2. Coke Studio for the Deaf

We all love Coke Studio and the music it brings. So when Coke Studio created an experience whereby hearing impaired people could enjoy the same music we take for granted, it was such a pleasure for all of us.

3. HBL (Scuba Diver)

Taking us on the journey of how Pakistan’s first woman scuba diving instructor worked her way up was inspirational. With beautiful visuals and a solid script, the film leaves one uplifted!

4. QMobile Ramazan 2016

A strong campaign is one that has picked the right insights and this one has. We were all rallying for the inspirational Pakistan Womens’ cricket team when suddenly QMobile appeared with a story we all could relate to. And we loved it.

5. Nestlé Nido 1+

We have seen Cybil Chaudhry on billboards, posing with her gorgeous pout, her confident stare coaxing us to buy the brand she is endorsing. But seeing her as just another mom doing her best and still second guessing herself is endearing and humanising and an instant connect!

Khizra Munir is CEO, CoPakistan.