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Photo: Cola Next

Cola Next and Bilgiç Pack a “Next-Level” Punch

Cola Next’s new ad will give you an adrenalin rush, a thirst for upping your game… and Cola Next!
Updated 06 May, 2022 01:44pm

In television and the movies, ‘action-packed’ is usually associated with buff men armed with AK-47s during exciting car chases. Cola Next’s new ad approaches the term differently – and shows ‘regular’ men and women with dauntless courage, kicking bad guys' behinds while dressed in dapper leather jackets, and pulsating with the same next-level confidence in their day-to-day lives.

Cola Next, launched in August 2016, has been growing its market share on a year-on-year basis, by maintaining excellent quality standards, offering competitive prices and investing in state of the art production facilities and attention-grabbing/mass appeal marketing efforts. The soft drink is a product of Mezan Group, which also manufactures other carbonated soft drinks under the ‘Next’ banner, including Fizup Next and Rango Next. While Pakistan’s carbonated soft drinks market is heavily dominated by two global soft drink brands – that constitute over 85% of the market share – Cola Next is rapidly expanding its footprint and is fast approaching its goal of becoming the third leading carbonated soft drink maker in Pakistan.

In an attempt to do so, Cola Next’s new ad with Esra Bilgiç, and the ‘Level Barha Next Pe Aaa’ tagline, pushes audiences to pursue their personal and professional goals with resilience and next-level confidence. According to the brand, it urges audiences to “rise above all challenges and set new benchmarks of next-level excellence in everything that they strive to do.” They further explain that the main idea behind Cola Next’s ad is “raising the bar in everything you undertake in life.” One of the ways this is depicted is when Bilgiç shows up at a restaurant to fight off some baddies, and after some ‘next-level’ punches are thrown, we’re shown she’s actually filming for a movie – illustrating that she’s putting her everything into her work – after which Bilgiç swiftly grabs a bottle of Cola Next to ‘level-up’ for her post-work endeavours. After she wraps up at work, she rides to her next destination in an equally bold fashion – on a bike while performing stunts.

The most eye-catching part of the ad is Bilgiç’s transition from a heroine in a leather jacket to an attendee at a black-tie event where she boldly dons an exquisite red dress, along with another bottle of Cola Next.

Even though Bilgiç has been the brand ambassador of myriad Pakistani brands in the past, Cola Next’s reasoning for choosing Bilgiç is simple:

“The public look up to her as an icon and a woman of strength with an exemplary character. Cola Next wanted to tap into her mass appeal and positive iconic image to blend in with the brand’s aspirational values for being the next level choice for the people of Pakistan.” Previous Cola Next ads have featured similar bold and prominent personalities, such as Nargis Fakhri, Urwa Hocane, Humayun Saeed and Saba Qamar.

The target market for Cola Next is males and females over the age of 18, who are “looking for the ultimate carbonated soft drink to quench their thirst and help keep them refreshed throughout the day as they take on personal and professional responsibilities with zeal and commitment.” The target audience is “ambitious, motivated and driven to achieve their next level life goals while striving to make a positive difference around them through their intent and actions.”

Photo: Cola Next
Photo: Cola Next

The new ad is currently running on TV, radio and digital media, with a nationwide outdoor campaign planned for March-end as well. Cola Next states that TV has been the most successful medium for Cola Next so far, in terms of creating awareness for the product and generating sales. It was created and produced in-house, in collaboration with an international production house, while the brief was to “build upon the legacy of Cola Next as a brand of action and style, tinged with unbridled, next-level thrills and a strong belief in raising yourself to achieve your goals in life.”

So… have a thirst for adventure and a resolute determination to be the best in every aspect of your life? Cola Next is for you!

This content has been produced in paid partnership with Cola Next.