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Campaign Watch: Sept-Oct 2020

Published in Sep-Oct 2020

Jawahira Javed picks her favourite and not-so-favourite ads.

The world of advertising keeps on unravelling in front of us creatives. It’s beautiful yet sometimes exhausting. Ad making is tough; there are rules, steps and methods to follow. The process can be maddening, but the end result is amazing (most of the time). Starting from the tension or the insight to the core messaging, it’s a puzzle you are constantly trying to solve. You may find the last element in seconds (it has happened) or you may be lost in a maze for days until a random quote from your mom triggers an idea and you have that ‘eureka’ moment. What is heartening is to see audiences acknowledging your words, ideas and execution.

Overall, brands are now exploring ideas in order to stand out from the clutter. As creatives, it is a challenge yet it pushes us to conceptualise a new space for the brand. We may be on the right track, but we still have a long way to go. Advertising keeps on evolving, pushing us to hone our skill-set every step of the way. It is a constant learning curve that engulfs and excites us. We rise, we fall, yet we grow. Let’s see how much we can learn from the following examples.

Brand: Lifebuoy

Campaign: Haathon ki Hifazat

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf

Message: Use any soap during the pandemic.

Effectiveness: In the world of advertising, we are like desperate high school kids craving attention (that of our consumers). Lifebuoy came up with something unique; a simple message that tugged at our heartstrings. Brands that have the gusto to show their brand ethos and POV rather than do a hard sell should always be celebrated, especially in difficult times. Such communications strengthen our faith in what we do and makes us smile at how they can create a powerful and positive outlook with effortless simplicity.

Verdict: Bravo!

Brand: Bisconni

Campaign: Hum, Ghar aur Eid – Salamat rahay

Agency: Contentory Inc

Message: Rituals of Eid

Effectiveness: Nostalgia is a profound emotion. It is also a tricky one as it can veer into the good or bad. However, for brands that successfully capture it, the result is pretty fantastic. This is a beautiful TVC that takes you on a journey of discovery about how some Eid rituals are rooted in every household. It took me back to my childhood and to a much simpler time. Ads like these that have a simple message but are able to create novelty value through their execution and are always a treat to watch. The background score hits the right chords. Choosing Sania Saeed as the VO artist was a masterstroke. Loved the visual story, the colour grading… everything! It’s a great example of how when everyone from the brand team to the creative team to the ad makers are on the same page, a beautiful message is the outcome. If we account for Covid-19 restrictions, the team deserves all the more praise.

Verdict: Heart touching and beautiful.

Brand: Amreli Steels

Campaign: Aap Ki Tarha Solid

Agency: Arey Wah

Message: Do what’s right.

Effectiveness: I am a long form content junkie. Guilty as charged (as many creatives are) but we are restricted by the ‘shorter concentration span’ debate. Yet, when you see such ads, it validates our stance that great stories hit bull’s-eye, no matter the duration. Starting from the insight right to the execution, everything worked. It’s always a hurrah moment when the insight fits seamlessly with the role of the brand. The concept of linking the principles of the protagonist with the brand is what we call a “genius move.” Loved the conversational style of the VO, which was not a thesis made up of big words. It also is a great example of how great casting can elevate the effectiveness of a TVC.

Verdict: Long form content works!

Brand: Jazz

Brand: Jazz

Campaign: Raabtay Rakhain Humaray Saath

Agency: Fishbowl

Message: Stay connected no matter what. Effectiveness: Another masterpiece during the pandemic, especially when sentiments are heightened and many brands were called out for being insensitive for advertising in such times. The ad was a symphony between a great insight and the core creative idea. The conceptualisation was simple yet had that ‘aha’ factor about it, especially with the use of the dialogue. It’s refreshing to see a communication without human elements and trusting the creatives that it can be delivered through a powerful VO execution. A great example of everything coming together beautifully. It is always exciting to see telecoms communicate messaging that is not a run of a mill idea, but has an insight that hits home.

Verdict: Hits you right in the feels!

Brand: Jubilee General Insurance

Campaign: Rakhein Apna Khayal

Agencies: Genesis Talent and Media Line

Message: Always standing beside you.

Effectiveness: It is unfortunate that the insurance and banking categories have not seen much evolution in their advertising. I am going to call it what it is: SAME OLD, SAME OLD. Lack of insight, nothing disruptive visually and no perspective coming through from the brand. Heavy worded VO, slice of life visualisation followed by a functional end tail. This hamster wheel keeps on running but can we differentiate among them? Is the brand standing out? Will we remember this ad? I am sure the answer is a negative and so is my point of view on this communication.

Verdict: Hard pass!

Jawahira Javed is Creative Director, Ogilvy Pakistan.