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A Few of My Favourite Things

Published in Mar-Apr 2020

Irteza Rehman lists his favourite ad campaigns from the recent past.

Soya Supreme – Thora Aur Khao

Agency: Fishbowl

Category: TV

From your Facebook feed to your health-conscious colleague, everyone is telling you to eat less. Yet, when it comes to food, quantity is not the bigger problem, quality is. Soya Supreme addresses this issue with their new TCV by reminding us that food is at the centre of everything we do. So, rather than eating less, eat food cooked in light oil. In short, in a world where everyone tells you to eat less, Soya Supreme says, Thora Aur Khao.

Samsung Aangan – Hunar Ki Basti

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

Category: Digital

In a sea of CSR initiatives, Samsung have initiated Aangan, a project that does not only talk about a social issue, they created a platform to empower the rural craftswomen of Pakistan. The digital video addresses several stereotypes of the rural Pakistani woman, who struggles with her household responsibilities, while striving towards achieving her personal aspirations, which she hopes to share through her crafts. The campaign highlights how Aangan provides women in Pakistan with a platform through which they can ensure a financially secure future for themselves.

Generation – #Regenerate

Agency: In-house

Category: Digital

For a fashion brand in Pakistan to be woke enough to talk about breaking societal stereotypes and addressing women’s issues deserves a standing ovation. In the last year, through their campaigns, Generation talked about body positivity, inclusivity, women’s rights and their freedom to express themselves. They have also touched topics such as conservation and recycling. Bravo, Generation.

Berger Paints – Truck Art Childfinder

Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Category: OOH

Disseminating information about missing children is a huge challenge, especially in far-flung areas. The Berger Paints Truck Art Childfinder campaign in collaboration with Roshni Helpline paints the pictures of these children in truck art style on the backs of these vehicles that travel across the country. They also have Roshni Helpline UAN.

Bisconni – #CompleteOthers

Agency: Manhattan Communications

Category: Digital

The commercial features children with prosthetic limbs doing fun things that their physical impairment would have hindered otherwise. The campaign has an amazing underlying message, “every child deserves happiness”. Personally, I am not a fan of the #CompleteOthers theme, but overall it is an amazing idea that brings to light a very important issue.

Alexa Super Bowl 2020 – #BeforeAlexa

Agency: Droga5 London

Category: TV

Personally, I love ads that take you through time. IKEA did something similar with their ‘Let’s Relax’ ad in 2016, and now Amazon have taken a step further. Featuring Ellen DeGeneres the film takes us back in time to highlight what life was like without Alexa.

Audi – E-tron Super Bowl ‘Cashew’ 2019

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Category: TV

The German automotive industry is known for its engineering excellence – and it’s known for witty communication. Audi once again brought a smile to our faces with their 2019 Super Bowl ad where a man in the throes of a near death experience finds himself in the new Etron. And of course, they close it with one of the best campaign lines, ‘Electric Goes Audi’.

PlayStation Now

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB

Category: TV

As a gamer myself, this one hit home. A basic concept, but amazingly executed, the commercial shows different game characters drop through the skies into people’s homes, portraying the “hundreds of incredible games on demand” – literally.

Irteza Rehman is the Lead Creative Director at Adcom Leo Burnett Lahore.