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Published in Nov-Dec 2019

The Top 5 Lifestyle Trends of 2019

From Aurora's 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode

1. Waking up to Cannabidiol (CBD)

Walk into any upscale pharmacy or wellness store in Pakistan and chances are a shelf of imported CBD oil-infused products will be placed for customers seeking the latest health and wellness sensation. CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant and its benefits in treating chronic pain, women’s health pains, stress, digestive problems and preventative care are not going unnoticed around the world.

2. Making plastic passé

Recent initiatives to reduce plastic waste by introducing apparel collections from recycled plastic bottles are in the news. In Pakistan, the trend started with an official ban on plastic shopping bags, while restaurants are slowly joining the fray by offering reusable straws. Reusable cloth bag brands such as Aano bags are adding momentum to bid plastic goodbye in our part of the world.

3. MCT oil makes its way up

In 2018, nothing dominated the food scene quite like the ketogenic diet. This dietary choice is not for everyone, but there is no denying that due to its rising popularity, MCT oil (which contains triglycerides) has come to stay. As ketoers stock up on MCT, retailers in Pakistan are cashing in on the health fad by keeping MCT oil in steady supply.

4. Fitness apps

Given that access to gyms is restricted to select socio-economic groups, fitness apps are emerging as a favourite in Pakistan and elsewhere. Super accessible and enabling millions to add fitness to their routines at home, working spaces and even when travelling, they are certain to grow in terms of popularity.

5. Keeping it mindful

There is a rising consciousness among individuals of the need to invest in themselves; slow down, reflect and be mindful of their thoughts and feelings. In-house yoga classes, lectures on meditation and mindfulness retreats are some of the ways we are seeing a concerted effort to bring more balance and harmony in life.

Farahnaz Haider Shaikh is CEO, Five Communications.