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The Top 5 Big Ideas

Published 24 Dec, 2019 05:14pm
From Aurora's 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode.

1. Viva La Vulva – Libresse

In a truly groundbreaking campaign, Libresse and AMV BBDO London have set out to normalise the conversation around vaginas. Taking the taboo head-on, this beautifully crafted campaign shattered the stereotype that brands should stay away from taboo topics.

2. The Blank Edition – An-Nahar newspaper

The world loves to talk about digital, but here is the most powerful act from 2019; a newspaper that decided to publish a completely blank edition to protest against the missing government in Lebanon. Think print isn’t important? This was their most popular edition. And it eventually became digital anyway, when people wrote their own headlines and posted them. There goes the stereotype that print is dead, courtesy Impact BBDO Dubai.

3. The Whopper Detour – Burger King

Forever burying the notion that a competitor cannot be used effectively in a brand communication, this spectacular troll by Burger King used geo-tagging to deliver a simple direct coupon. Bold work by FCB New York.

4. The Last Ever Issue – Gazeta

The industry has moved forward and realised that it is the creative power within that will help change the world, not government. Enter VMLY&R Poland who proved that the practice of creating awareness is not enough; one has to build action too. In order to change the narrative around women, they bought a porn magazine… and shut it down. Be the change you want to see.

5. This is America – Childish Gambino

Music videos have been used as protest devices before, but nothing in my memory has been this powerful a nod to the problems in America today. It destroys the stereotype of useless music that is prevalent in this era, providing a much deeper function for it similar to yesteryear.

Ali Rez is Regional ECD for Middle East & Pakistan, Impact BBDO.