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Published in Nov-Dec 2018

Top 5 Start-ups of 2018

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Cowlar

For livestock farmers, the ultimate goal is making sure their cows and buffaloes are healthy. For humans, there is Fitbit to improve health. Cowlar, a startup led by Umer Adnan, is a similar wearable device except it works on cows and buffaloes. The Cowlar neck collar uses a data-driven approach to help farmers track the activity of their herd, increase reproduction rates, detect diseases early and optimise feed.

2. Capital Stake

They are a web-based company providing unbiased and independent financial research on companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and provide timely stock market data and research to aid in intelligent investing decisions. Launched in 2015, the start-up works with PSX to improve the investment climate in Pakistan.

3. Pak Vitae

This Pakistani start-up have developed a low-cost nanotech water filter. Their aim is to deliver clean drinking water to thousands of families across Pakistan and millions of people worldwide who live below the poverty line.

4. Johnny and Jugnu

They have taken foodies by storm. For anyone looking for fast food, this place has become a favourite. You have to try it to believe it!

5. Fabricare

Fed up of doing the laundry? Turn to Fabricare, the Uber of laundry services which is affordable and efficient. Give Fabricare a call and let them take care of your laundry while you enjoy your time.

Nabeel Qadeer is the Chair of UNCTAD — Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Project in Pakistan, and the CIO of the Superior Group.