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Tajik announces launch of ‘The Element of Demise’

Updated Jan 04, 2019 01:48pm

The ad man-cum-musician is releasing his third album in the first quarter this year.

Taimur Tajik, Head of Creative, Manhattan International, who is also a musician, has announced the digital launch of his third album The Element of Demise in the first quarter of 2019. Tajik’s third album comes after a gap of six years; he released his debut album Vice Versa in 2009, which was followed by Order for Disorder in 2013.

Commenting on the forthcoming launch Tajik says, “I am writing and recording new material constantly, so a new album was inevitable. Yet, what really got me going full throttle on the third one was my dad. He commented on one of my social media posts encouraging me to get back into the scene. That lit a big enough fire underneath me (in a good way).”

Tajik is of the view that his third album sounds like nothing ever recorded in Pakistan before and the listeners are going to enjoy a whole new level of playing and production, thanks to the drummer Tom Dupree III and producer Adeel Tahir. The album has 10 songs along with bonus tracks, all of them sung by Tajik himself along with a guest vocalist for a few numbers.

Tajik, whose favourite genres are metal and hard rock has been playing the guitar since the age of 15. “My older brother used to listen to a lot of Nirvana, GNR, STP and Aerosmith; much of that rubbed off on me. Since it was all mostly guitar driven rock n’ roll, my choice of instrument seemed predetermined,” he says. “I learn something new about it almost every day. It is my cathartic release.”

The first single of the album ‘Death Wish’ was released on December 28 on digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud, but Tajik plans to explore radio and television too to market his new album.

He describes the response to his previous albums as “awesome”, and is hopeful that ‘The Element of Demise’ will also be appreciated by fans. “It’s a niche genre so I realise the limited scope. That said, rock and metal fans are the best in the world. You just need a handful to get a party going.”