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Inspiring examples of content marketing

Updated Dec 10, 2018 11:06am

Laz Dzami picks his top five.

I asked Laz Dzamic, co-author of The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing: Perspectives, Issues, Challenges and Solutions – a new book on content marketing for his most inspiring examples.

1. Content as advertising – Dove Real Beauty 'Sketches'

Like any great advertising, it is based on a deep human insight: that others see us as prettier than we see ourselves. But, it’s not a 30-second ad...

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think

2. Content in Moments That Matter (MTMs) - Pedigree Found

Brilliantly contextual, with a huge emotional power. Mobile ads used as customer service wrapped up in a loyalty scheme dressed up in an app... Emotional Resonance and Intent Utility in one.

PEDIGREE - FOUND case study film

3. Content in Moments That Matter (MTMs) - Airbnb 'Hosted Walks'

Secrets and hidden gems that only locals know about, on YOUR chosen route, as UGC-sourced audio files.

Airbnb Uses Mobile to Give Tourists a Local Experience

4. Content as touch-point optimisation tool - Unilever's 'All Things Hair'

A You Tube channel deploying all 3Cs of Content creation: Creating, Collaborating and Curating. How to win in the search game...

All Things Hair Case Study

5. Content as a service - Unilever Kan Kajura mobile station

A radio station, for free, on feature phones, in low resolution..? Yes, it is possible, with great success.

UNILEVER INDIA -The Kan Khajura Station case study