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Top 5 Digital Influencers of 2017

Published in Nov-Dec 2017

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Zaid Ali

Better known by his YouTube pseudonym ZaidAliT, he started with his hilariously-honest depictions of a typical subcontinental household and the drama that ensues on a day-to-day basis. With a Facebook fan base of 5,494,261 followers, ZaidAliT has taken Pakistan by storm with his rib-tickling videos and his boy-next-door charms.

2. Faiza Saleem

The funny girl with a cause, lawyer-turned-comedian, Faiza Saleem lol-ed her way into our hearts with her Hina Dilpazir-ish dialogue delivery and impeccable comic timing. With a social media fan following of almost 270,000, she wants to bring a change through her hilarious, yet profound, social commentary.

3. Mooroo

From music producer to comedy to acting, is there anything Taimoor Salahuddin (known as Mooroo) cannot do? We think not. Whether it is his heart-warming commentary on the saas-bahu saga, or unapologetic brand placements of Meadowland Dairy products and Moltyfoam, Mooroo serves reality with a generous sprinkling of humour and a sideline of endearing honesty. He has a Facebook following of 406,244 people and 134,497 YouTube subscribers.

4. Ali Gul Pir

The ordinary man’s saeen, Ali Gul Pir has been all the rage with collaborations with Scene On, McDonald’s, and then landing his own show on CityFM89. In a short span of time, he has become a brand through his raw, unapologetic desi content and rapping skills. Pir has also ventured into political commentary with songs like Modi Teri (371,202 YouTube views) and Wadere Ka Beta (5,386,798 YouTube views).

5. Kanwal Ahmed

The founder of the Facebook Group Soul Sisters has claimed celebrity status, both online and offline, with a long list of collaborations. With 35,000 plus members on her women-only Facebook group, Ahmed has been a favourite with women-centric brands such as Bonanza Satrangi, Dalda et al.

Taniya Hasan is Head of Content, Digitz.