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The Top 5 Stereotype Busters of 2017

Published in Nov-Dec 2017

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. Share the Load – Ariel

“Why is laundry only a woman’s job?” asks this audacious campaign in India, immediately shattering hundreds of years of male chauvinism and gender roles. They didn’t just write an ad, they wrote something that dared to change culture.

2. Connected Whopper – Burger King

Stereotypes exist when it comes to defining media formats. Take the 15-second TV ad, for instance, in which Burger King reached outside the wall and activated Google Home to carry on its message beyond 15 seconds. So successful, that Google had to shut it down.

3. Fearless Girl – State Street Global Advisors

For years, the bull stood on Wall Street, masculine and powerful. And then came along a little girl in bronze that stood up to it, facing it, challenging it. She became the symbol for defying gender discrimination. Pity the investment firm that did didn’t stand up to its own values.

4. Meet Graham – Transport Accident Commission

For years, people had been seeing stereotypical ads of cars in accidents. But Graham asked a bigger question: What would humans have to be built like in order to survive a car crash? They would need to be built like Graham, who is a human, evolved specifically for that purpose.

5. BeatMe – UN Women

Anti-domestic violence campaigns have traditionally shown women as weak, whereas this idea flips the notion on its head by showcasing powerful women who are tough to beat at things they are good at, such as running 100 metres. Traditional campaigns have now started showcasing more empowered women as a result.

Ali Rez is Regional Creative Director, BBDO Middle East and Pakistan.