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“We have a panel of muftis on board and the sacrifice is carried out under their supervision"

Updated 20 Aug, 2018 11:40am
In conversation with Dawood Mustafa Ghazali, Brand Manager, Al-Shaheer Foods, about Meat One’s Expert Qurbani Service.

(The article was published previously.)

AMBER ARSHAD: What consumer needs did Meat One identify when they launched their qurbani service?
DAWOOD MUSTAFA GHAZALI: Meat One’s Expert Qurbani Service, began in 2011, and aims to provide our customers with convenient and hassle-free qurbani. We realised that hygiene was a major factor that our customers were concerned about when it came to the way qurbani was conducted and this created an opportunity for us to provide a reliable and hygienic alternative. Through this service, which is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad, we take care of everything; right from animal procurement, halal and Shariah- compliant slaughtering, slicing the meat, to packaging and delivering it to our customers.

AA: How is the service being promoted?
DMG: It’s mainly being promoted through digital, OOH and POS.

AA: What measures do you have in place to ensure that an animal is sacrificed in a Shariah compliant manner?
DMG: We have a panel of muftis on board and each sacrifice is carried out under their supervision, as per Shariah rulings. (These include that sacrificial animals should be healthy, be of a certain age, and of course, that the Takbeer should be recited at the time of sacrifice). The service is therefore a true representation of our mandate, which is to provide halal and hygienic meat in Pakistan’s largest cities, where contaminated meat is very common.

AA: What other advantage do you provide to your customers?
DMG: This year, customers can book their orders till 9th Zilhaj (the day before Eid). The meat can either be collected from our designated outlets or delivered to our customer’s doorstep. It is packed in a styrofoam box, and is always cut according to their requirements.

AA: How are Meat One’s rates set?
DMG: Our rates are fixed for each city; however, due to different operational costs they vary according to the city the customer resides in. Furthermore, they also vary according which day of Eid a customer requires their sacrifice to take place (the rates are lowest on the third day of Eid).