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Published in Nov-Dec 2016

The Top 5 Foodie Flashbacks of 2016

From Aurora's 'Top 5ives – 10 Pros in Top 5 Mode' Series.

1. 7-UP

Mana Lo Food ka Love gave foodies the ‘green-light’ to sizzle, chop and garnish their way into indulging in seriously lip-smacking deliciousness. With a mantra that celebrates and embraces your love of food, it is no surprise this TVC is hunger-inducing! Despite the fact that technically the commercial is for a beverage, and whilst the brand itself is definitely the ‘hero ingredient’, it somehow makes you want to run to the nearest restaurant!

2. Nurpur

Buttery, cheesy, milky... the creamy deliciousness of the brand’s key ingredients as well as the beautiful imagery – from the parathas to the jalebis and the grilled cheese to the omelette – ensured that the highlight of the TVC was most definitely Nurpur and the feasting that can emerge from it!

3. MasterChef Australia

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This Aussie sensation seems to have been adopted by Pakistani foodies who seem as invested in it as anyone in Australia. The sheer amount of education and knowledge entrenched in each episode, the technical proficiency in both the cooking skills, and the fabulous food photography that brings each artistic creation to life, leaves one salivating for more than just the perfectly-cooked pasta or the intricate and awe-inspiring dessert creations! You want to smell, taste and feast on their creativity... but you also secretly want to be able to make what they do... even if you think you can’t! This is more than a show; it is an experience... a feast brought to life!

4. Karachi Eat Food Festival

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With a headline like Karachi Eat the name screams salivation... and clicking on the Facebook page just makes the drool dribble down your chin. Not only do they post some great food videos and pictures, the images of the delights that await you – from inch-increasing pancakes to spice-laden bun kababs – are what induce the massive queues every year! Karachi Eat 2017? I’m already hungry!

5. Okra

Photo credit: Okra Facebook page

This fine dining establishment is definitely an experience most foodies will savour and their Facebook page is equally enticing. Images of perfectly-prepared French toast and steaks... and freshly baked bread you can almost smell... will have you sniffing all the way to the restaurant!

Amber Rauf is Director Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications, MullenLowe Rauf.