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Campaign Watch

Published in Nov-Dec 2016

A review of the latest advertising campaigns.

As someone who eats, sleeps and breathes advertising, I am deeply aware of the challenges one has to surpass from the time the concept is developed until the film finally goes on air. More often than not, a great idea falls victim to either the vicious wish list of the client or to poor execution by the directors. Hence, whenever I see a new TVC going wrong, I tend to wonder which of the above applies.

When I was asked to do a review of recent campaigns, I already knew the ones I would talk about. Here is what my take is on them.


Campaign: Zong 4G

Message: A new dawn, a new dream

Effectiveness: ‘Ye naach naach kay hee mobile connection bechna kyun zaroori hai?’ Not long ago, a telecom company came to Pakistan with this viewpoint about the marketing communication of the existing players. Oh wait, that was Zong with its Sub Keh Do launch theme. It seems as if, after eight years, Zong has finally found the answer to their question. Zong’s ‘New dream’ is beating drums in a desert and luckily they have found enough clueless people dancing to the beat in the middle of nowhere. No consumer insight, not a big idea and creativity? Do I need to say it out loud? I think a lot of people will agree if I say that it seems as if Zong is trying hard to change the awami perception and stand with the big boys.

Verdict: Dear Zong, Karma is a bitch and a half. Love, Other telecoms

BRAND: Big Bird Foods

Campaign: Tasty har bite hai, Big Bird hee right hai

Message: Tasty har bite hai, Big Bird hee right hai.

Effectiveness: When I entered my office this morning, I was humming Tasty har bite hai, Big Bird hee right hai and my receptionist stared at me like “Dude, what got into you this morning?” But I just couldn’t help it. No matter how much we try to make new age techniques work in our favour, some old age principles never change. Finally, we have a jingle that will be remembered for years. From the lyrics to the music and from the actors to the pun in the end, this ad scored 10 out of 10 in my heart. Hats off!

Verdict: A good start. Keep it up.

BRAND: QMobile

Campaign: Naya zamana, nayee baatein

Message: Don’t respect your elders, one day they will be sorry.

Effectiveness: When I saw this ad for the first time, I had the exact same thought in my mind that someone else expressed before I could: Shan masalay jaisa emo ad bana dou aur reference kay liye Jazz Naseem Hameed ka ad zaroor dekh laina, look and feel same honi chahiye’. Somehow, QMobile seems to have learnt that today’s young can see through brand personas that value style over substance. Having said that, QMobile is surely a case study in ad effectiveness; their numbers speak volumes. Let’s see if their new insight works as well as the last one.

Verdict: Please stop using Turkish jhandiaan to depict a Pakistani mohalla.

BRAND: Haleeb

Campaign: Haleeb Milk

Message: Haleeb sey rishtay banay garhay... aaj bhi.

Effectiveness: Put Olper’s, EveryDay and Nurpur in a box and shake it until you get a new ad ‘out of the box’. Whenever a brand makes a comeback, they often miss out on the need for a new value proposition. Yet, a new pack design and TVC will hardly do the trick in today’s competitive world. A universal problem with clients is seeing their audiences through their own time perspective – which seems to move slower than that of their consumers. Every year, millions of people enter the age bracket a brand is targeting, while a somewhat similar number of people move out of that age group. I am sure that they have enough research to prove that their existing TG still remembers their ghaara pan.

Verdict: Better luck next time.

BRAND: Shell

Campaign: Shell Advance motorcycle oils

Message: Aap ka rasta kabhi na rukay.

Effectiveness: Wow... What a great ad... Simply beautiful! For a guy, his ride is his first love. No matter what make or what cc it is; it’s his Harley and when he is on it, he is king of the road. This is the power of a good ad with great insights. Whoever owns a bike will relate to it. The best part about this ad is that it is very well-balanced. The story is beautifully woven around the bikers and seamlessly connected to the product. The art direction, the music and the script... couldn’t help saying: Cha gaya! Kudos to the team. It seems like they lived their consumer’s life inside out.

Verdict: You have touched millions of hearts.

S.M. Shuja is Creative Director, Synegy Dentsu.