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L’Oréal launches #ColorEverAfter

Updated 25 Jun, 2015 10:16am
L’Oréal launches augmented reality campaign for Color Riche.

L’Oréal Pakistan recently launched a new augmented reality campaign called #ColorEverAfter in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Color Riche, which, according to L’Oréal is the world’s number one lipstick brand. Internationally the brand has launched an exclusive range of lipsticks in five shade families: pinks, reds, plums, oranges and nudes to celebrate the event along with a global campaign with endorsement by celebrities such as Frieda Pinto and Beyonce. However in Pakistan, L’Oréal decided that something different was needed.

The local campaign, which integrated print and digital media, is, according to Farzana Abdullah, Manager, Strategic Planning, Adcom ZenithOptimedia (L’Oréal's media and digital agency), the first of its kind in Pakistan and an “effort to revive the print media where an ad is usually seen and then forgotten.”

A dipstick survey carried out by the brand revealed the most popular Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine (in that order). The brand decided to use the famed stories of these princesses (without using the actual names of the princesses due to copyright issues) and created animated versions in association with Layar – a global app that provides augmented reality and interactive print solutions.

L’Oréal then ran the first print ad in all the major glossy magazines.

People had to download the free Layar app and scan the print ad in order to watch the animated story which revealed that the princess did not need a Prince Charming, instead she just needed to look good.

At the end of the story, the princess found her ‘lipstick wand’ which made her ‘Color Ever After’. Abdullah says that while the campaign is not overtly feminist yet it does have some feminist elements for example the transition from ‘happily ever after’ (traditionally used in fairy tales) to ‘Color Ever After’.

In the next phase of the campaign, those who had watched the story were asked to go to L’Oréal's Facebook page to answer questions about it based on which they could win a special prize. Additionally the brand also uploaded the ad online so that people could scan the ad from digital media, watch the story and answer the questions.

Talking about the campaign, Imran Syed, CEO, Adcom, said, “Technology is enabling brands to create deeper and more meaningful connections with their target audiences. Through this campaign, we were able to harness the reach of the print medium, and exponentially increase its impact with engagement through digital media. It’s great to see the confidence brand teams are putting behind the use of digital media, which is a huge motivator for the creative/media/digital teams. I am sure there will be many more such 'firsts' we will be witnessing in the days to come."

L’Oréal's has currently released just one ad in the campaign, however there are plans to release two ads in July and the last two in August with the stories of the other four princesses.