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The Top 5 Local Content Creators of 2023

Siham Basir picks her Top 5 local content creators of 2023.
Published 09 Jan, 2024 04:28pm

1. Ramsha Waseem – @Ramshooza: When I’m browsing through my Instagram feed, one person whose content always makes me smile is Ramsha. Her videos are relatable with a capital R and are the perfect pick-me-up on a lousy day.

2. Muhammad Shah – @Iamtheshah: If I had to choose my favourite content creator ever, it would be Muhammad Shah. What’s not to love about someone who creates odes to his favourite restaurant in Lahore (Butt Karahi, for anyone curious) or his favourite celebrity (Hania Aamir). Warning – don’t take his content (and yourself) too seriously.

3. Marium Hosein – @MariumHosein: You can’t talk about Pakistani lifestyle influencers without talking about Marium Hosein. Marium’s your go-to girl for recipes, sprinkled with lifestyle and parent content – basically, your online big sister who knows what’s up.

4. Shahana Khan Khalil – @shahanakhankhalil: A content creator doesn’t have to be someone making funny content all the time. Shahana talks about consent, therapy, feminism and a lot of other issues that are not usually talked about enough by most big content creators. She gets bonus points for also being hilarious and using humour to talk about tough-to-talk-about issues.

5. Ansar – @_Ansar_a: The new way of expressing yourself online is POV videos – and lots of them. But Ansar does it so well that you get over how much you don’t like POV videos. His videos are mostly comedy, but they are often sprinkled with social commentary, and so darn relatable that you can’t help but click follow.

Siham Basir is Managing Editor, Dawn Images.