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10 Pros in Top 5 Mode: Big Ideas

Published in Nov-Dec 2021

Ali Rez on 2021's top five big ideas.
Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

1) Degree Inclusive – Unilever

The agency of the future will not just be marketing for their clients; they will be developing product innovation solutions. This beautiful project, a deodorant that is designed for people with vision- or upper-body motor disabilities, is the perfect example of where the industry is headed: problem-solving beyond ads.

2) True Name – Mastercard

The client of the future will not be ambivalent in their stand about what moves humanity forward: they will pick the right side of history and be brave. Mastercard introduced a feature that lets transgender and non-binary people display their chosen names on their cards. A small step and a giant leap.

3) A Wider Web – Etisalat

The technology of the future will make products and services more inclusive and accessible. Take the internet, which is not easy to navigate for people on the autism spectrum. So Etisalat engineered a plugin that alters a website’s code to tailor the experience for anyone who is reactive to bright colours, loud sounds, or complicated layouts. Democratising design, services, and products is the way forward.

4) Festive – Burberry

The craft of the future will be authentic and connective while ensuring it holds to the same rules as before: entertain, delight, surprise, hold in awe. Burberry’s beautiful film shows London, not at its finest but its grimmest. And it works.

5) Birth of Gaming Tourism – Microsoft XBox

The channels of the future will be diverse and innovative. To promote graphically enhanced games to a new audience, Xbox turned into a travel brand and printed the first-ever travel guide to games. “If you want to write a successful ad for a bank, don’t make it sound like an ad for a bank.”

Ali Rez is the Regional Executive Creative Director for Impact BBDO Group MENAP.