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Sooper's New TVC Focuses on the Importance of Relationships

Updated 26 Jan, 2021 03:41pm
Sooper's new TVC reviewed.

We are constantly on a lookout for eternal love without realising that our #HameshaWalaPyar has always been with us forever, in all our relationships, silently walking alongside us as even though we look for it everywhere else. This is exactly the message that has been highlighted in Sooper’s latest TVC, featuring the charming Adeel Hussain. Be it the hug of a friend or the simple joy of travelling with parents, the renowned biscuit brand has taken upon itself to celebrate the uncelebrated.

Here is why we think the ad hits home:

1. The dialogues are powerful and heartfelt

The TVC opens with a strong, power-packed VO that makes us almost wistful about the moments we live through every day but take for granted very often.

Adeel Hussain walks us through situations that serve as reminders that what we seek is always close at hand.

From something as simple as getting hair oiled and braided by our nanis, to being lovingly fed by ammi jaan, it is these moments which constitute #HameshaWalaPyar.

2. The beautiful visuals make us recall memories of lost connections

The ad uses wonderful visuals to remind us of memories of when we were young and in love, full of life, enjoying every moment with caring about what the future might hold, and this is what makes the TVC relatable. As the journey progresses, the TVC shows a grandmother and granddaughter sharing a laugh, friends sharing some good times and later, a mother and son celebrating beautiful moments with a box of biscuits.

3. The cinematography speaks for itself

With the railway station and train serving as befitting metaphors for the journey of life, not to mention subtle lighting and breathtaking frames, the TVC is well-thought out from the start to the end.

Overall, it strikes a chord with everyone who values relationships.

Watch it here:

Prior to its release, the internet went abuzz with celebrities and digital influencers talking about their #HameshaWalaPyar.

Here is who Imran Ashraf and Zahid Ahmed are missing

Waliya Najib and Faizan Sheikh were caught missing their #HameshaWalaPyar too

Why stripes?

The brand has utilised Sooper’s unique design by having influencers and celebs stripe their photos just like their favourite biscuit. Fans all around expressed confusion over the striped photos which suddenly took over their social media feeds.

Check this Tweet out – and this one too!

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This content has been produced as a paid partnership with Sooper Pakistan.