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Hudson Pharma's Dashboard for Physicians

Updated 24 Jun, 2020 02:30pm
A COVID-19 information portal for medical professionals.

Hudson Pharma has joined the list of socially responsible businesses that are working towards controlling the spread of the coronavirus, by launching a dashboard on their website aimed at updating medical professionals (as well as the public) about advancements in diagnostics, vaccines and best practices.

“When WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic in early March, there was a huge surge of news across all media and platforms and it became difficult for healthcare professionals and the public to get hold of authentic developments regarding the virus; so we decided to address the issue,” says Humza Naviwala, Founder & CEO, Hudson Pharma.

“We carried out an assessment regarding the most important aspects relating to the pandemic and divided them into five categories: vaccines, treatment, diagnostics, best practices and health tech news. We gathered information on each category and organised it in a way that provides meaningful data to our target audience. ”

Although the medical community is the main target, the dashboard is accessible to anyone interested in updates about the virus. A cross channel digital marketing strategy has been devised to reach out to healthcare professionals and the dashboard is marketed to doctors all over Pakistan and across different specialities.

Naviwala adds that the latest news and research is regularly updated, and the other sections whenever relevant clinical data is published. He says the information is carefully gathered through secondary research and data includes research published by WHO, clinical trial websites as well as in reputable international journals and news sources.

"Three different teams are working on it. Our marketing team gathers and evaluates the data, the brand team was responsible for designing and organising the portal and the IT team coded our high-tech responsive website. It took 14 people to launch the dashboard in two weeks.”

What differentiates the dashboard from the official government website is the fact that it is geared towards educating people about vaccines, treatment, diagnostics and other best practices whereas the government site informs people about the prevalence of the disease.

Hudson Pharma was founded by Naviwala in 2017 and started with the launch of a respiratory division manufacturing three preservative-free nebulisation treatments in Karachi. In the last 28 months, Hudson Pharma have launched 17 brands in three categories; respiratory, ophthalmology and injectables.

You can explore the Hudson Pharma dashboard here

Taniya Hasan is a content marketer