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How to WFH - Without Going Mad

Updated 04 Jan, 2023 12:42pm
"To all those who would say 'we don’t spend enough time together'... congratulations."

Taking a breather from drowning, upsetting coronavirus updates, Aurora kicks off a light-hearted series on tips and tricks on how to deal with various situations related to the ongoing epidemic.

Once upon a time, there were offices and there were co-workers and people would go to their offices and live that part of their lives at work (away from their spouses). Then came the coronavirus, which sent us home for an indefinite period.

To all those wives or husbands who used to say “we don’t spend enough ‘us’ time together”... congratulations. I hope you are having the time of your life now. But if you are not, why are we only talking about #SocialDistancing? Is anyone considering #SpousalDistancing?


Funny story: I work with my spouse all year round. Feeling sorry for me?

The difference however, is that at the office we don’t share a room, which we now have to do at home – and it is literally an in-your-face moment.

Woot employees started working from-home (WFH) a week before the Sindh government announced a lockdown; therefore, before WFH reality hit other couples my husband and I were already loving living it. The first week taught us a lot in terms of our levels of patience and working styles while sharing a space. And of course there have been a lot of arguments. (Tip: If you want to WFH efficiently, you will both have to grow up.) Here are some way to maintain your sanity:

Keep your personal life apart

Work goes into pending-mode the moment you forget you are not working from home. Therefore, do not let your spouse or household chores interrupt you, and figure out ways to not distract your spouse and where to take calls/attend video conferences. Start your day like a regular work day; wake up on time, freshen up, get into your work clothes and have breakfast before getting down to work.

Draw a line between work and post-work hours

Determine the start and the end to your workday. This is especially important when your relationship requires you both to work under the same roof every day before eating and crashing in front of the TV together in the evening

Respect each other’s boundaries

Treat your spouse the same way you would treat a co-worker, i.e. by not losing it and exercising tolerance. Being kind and respecting each other’s boundaries is crucial. If you two end up arguing, it will waste your workday and have an adverse impact on the both of you on a personal level as well.

Create memorable experiences

If you have sent your house-staff on paid leave, you will have to manage the house chores on your own. Social distancing is giving everyone a chance to bond with their spouse and family. Make the most of it. It could be as simple as trying out new recipes. And because unnecessarily stepping out is not an option, create memorable experiences at home and ensure you get through this rough patch.

Most importantly, set limits around your consumption of coronavirus-related news.

Sheema Khan is Sr. Manager Communications & Strategy, Woot.