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Going Bogo

Updated 21 Feb, 2020 02:56pm
Tyrone Tellis, Marketing Manager, Bogo, talks to Zeenat Chaudhary about how Bogo is doing in the Pakistani market.

Bogo, “Buy One Get One Free”, is a compilation of vouchers (in book and in app form) which consumers can use for their shopping and dining needs. The target audience is SEC A and B; “people with high disposable incomes who dine out two to three times a week, travel frequently and regularly visit spas, salons and gyms.”

ZEENAT CHAUDHARY: Since Bogo’s launch in 2016, how many customers do you currently average?
TYRONE TELLIS: Bogo has grown as a brand since 2016. In 2019, we had over 150,000 app downloads alone. Our customer retention rate is excellent as well (over 75%) and they recommend our product to friends and colleagues. We have also launched Bogo deals in Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Multan.

ZC: What kinds of savings can customers expect from Bogo?
They have increased over the years. This year in Karachi alone the combined savings made by customers stood at Rs 4.5 million. A single customer who uses every single voucher in the book can save approximately Rs 4.5 million plus in a year.

ZC: What are Bogo’s most popular categories?
As food is the main source of entertainment in Pakistan, we have divided the category into fine dining, hotels, fast food, malls, desi cuisine and desserts. However, because women are primarily the people who decide where and when to use Bogo, the retail category is also popular, but not as much as food. Entertainment is also popular because Bogo is mainly used by families.

ZC: Who are your target audiences?
Bogo is aimed at people with a disposable monthly income of between Rs 50,000 and 400,000, so the focus is on the upper middle class, lower upper class and middle class. The product is ideal for working professionals in management levels and for families with or without children.

ZC: How did Bogo adapt to social media post digitization? Was it easier to reach your target audience via social media?
Since Bogo is not an FMCG product, we do not require a massive marketing budget. We know where our customers are and what mediums they use, so we know where and how to advertise. Most of the traffic is through our website, where mobiles account for 70%.

ZC: How is Bogo different from similar promotions undertaken by stores and restaurants?
Before Bogo entered the market, there was no concept of such deals in Pakistan. In fact, in 2017, the first local company to promote a BOGO deal of its own was a retail brand. Now that the market is familiar with the concept, similar deals are offered by brands from time to time; our deals are for the entire calendar year.

ZC: How many brands do you have on board?
We are working with over 1,500 merchants across Pakistan.

ZC: What is the ratio of Bogo app versus Bogo book users?
Our objective is to increase app usage as it saves on printing costs, but books are also likely to remain popular with customers for at least a year or. Currently, the ratio is 60:40 - app to book.