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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in May-Jun 2019

A review of some of the best ad campaigns.

Vicks – Touch Of Care

Category: Digital
How lucky are the storytellers who manage to penetrate into the deepest depths of our souls. This is what the Vicks ‘Touch Of Care’ campaign did so effortlessly. The ad tells the true story of Nisha Lobo, a teenager who was born with the incurable skin condition called Ichthyosis. Nisha was abandoned when she was two-weeks-old and adopted by a caring couple, Aloma and David Lobo. Under the message ‘Every Child Deserves The Touch Of Care’, the film beautifully demonstrates how love can be a life changer for the lesser-abled.
Agency: Publicis Singapore

Every Breath You Take – Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

Category: Radio
It is said that often the key to creativity is found somewhere in the mundane. This radio spot literally uses the lyrics of the iconic Police single Every Breath You Take and flips the tone to make it appear as that of a demented abuser’s rant. Now just rethink the tone and you will understand why this spot earned a nomination at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018.
Agency: Master Comunicação, Brazil

Post-it – Bright Ideas

Category: Print
Artists around the world are notorious for being night owls. While the rest of the world is asleep, the artist gets to work. Love this print campaign’s clever imagery, which communicates the night artist concept, while staying connected with the brand.
Agency: Ogilvy, Turkey

Kingtox Spray – Chooray Ga Nahi Maray Ga... Chun Chun Ke!

Category: TV
A grumpy, successful, middle-aged man with a stiff expression is at work, when a faithful retainer brings in a tray of tea and biscuits. Seems like a typical situation? What makes this ad so brilliant is the beauty of its dialogue and how well it is connected with the brand. Who would have guessed it was an ad for a mosquito killer?
Agency: Arey Wah, Pakistan

Berger Paints – Truck Art Child Finder

Category: Digital
Truck Art is a very important aspect of Pakistani culture and trucks travel all across Pakistan. Think of all the wonderful messaging that could be spread at the back of just one truck! The ‘Truck Art Child Finder’ campaign focused on helping to find missing children by painting their images at the back of the trucks and 313 calls were received in just one week. This campaign is a great way to create a name for yourself while supporting a worthy cause. Hats off to BBDO and Berger Paints for this amazing initiative!
Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Ariel – Oho Nahi, Hoo Hoo

Category: TV
The testimonial approach is often effective and necessary to connect with the target audience and few do it as effectively as Ariel in their campaigns. We may love it or we may hate it, but we all remember the Hoo Hoo!
Agency:Adcom Leo Burnett

Lays – Hum Sab Ka Favourite!

Category: TV
What good is an ad if it doesn’t contain the elements of the brand? Lays is a fun product and the ad is equally fun to watch. It resonates with the boy who got in trouble in class thanks to the crunchy sound and the boy who dares to open a pack in the company of savages on the lookout for freebies. Plus bonus points for having the ‘Axcuse me' guy!
Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Nescafé – *Jagna Toh Parhay Ga**

Category: TV
Election season was in the air and the country was pumped up to vote for their favourite political parties. It was intense! Nescafé took the opportunity (like an adept opportunist) and expanded on the Jagna Toh Parhay Ga campaign. It takes the heart of a lion to challenge the nation’s beloved tea but to actually compete with it on a Facebook poll! Now, that takes a pair of hearts!
Agency: Red Communication Arts

M. Muneeb Akram is Creative Group Head, Synergy Dentsu Pakistan.