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Published in Nov-Dec 2017

A few of our favourite things

The Aurora team picks their favourites.

1. Pel – Jaga Bana

Category: TV
Storytelling, insight, humour – Pel’s Jaga Bana TVC has all three in the right doses. This 45-seconder keeps viewers engaged with its spontaneity and realistic acting, and the background song is very hummable. Beneath the apparently superficial ad is a very real insight – how as a nation we try to make the most out of every situation – while creating as much space as possible!
Agency: Red Communication Arts, Pakistan

2. Ali Noor and Strepsils Stereo – Khayal Rakhna

Category: Digital
Ali Noor and Strepsils Stereo’s tribute to Alamgir and the evergreen national song Khayal Rakhna was unique in its use of the ‘a capella’ technique (no musical instruments were used). As a result, the vocalists created engaging new versions of Khayal Rakhna; the frequent changes in frames, the high notes, the colourful outfits of the vocalists and their expressions kept us hooked.
Agency: Adcom ZenithOptimedia

3. Vicks – #TouchOfCare

Category: TV/Digital
Vicks’ #TouchOfCare campaign brings to the fore two controversial topics – adoption and transgender rights. Based on a true story, the TVC keeps you hooked until the end as it showcases the complexities of motherhood and compels you think about inclusion, acceptance and most of all, the triumph associated with winning despite the odds. A beautiful message, shot in a very poignant way.
Agency: Publicis Singapore

4. McDonald’s – #SaluteAllMothers

Category: TV/Digital
McDonald’s #SaluteAllMothers campaign was refreshing and memorable because it relied on a powerful concept, and avoided over-the-top mushy sentimentality, forced tear-inducing moments or clichéd tributes. Kudos to the brand and the agency for addressing two sensitive subjects head-on – the inclusion of ‘differently abled’ people in the workforce and working as a customer service staff member at an eatery in our judgmental society. 10/10 for insight, originality and bravery!
Agency: Manhattan Communications

5. Kenwood – DC Inverter Air-conditioner

Category: TV
This ad was an instant hit, not only because it was humorous but because it gave the audience something to relate to, especially married men.

They all know the potential minefield that goes with gushing over another woman in front of their wives, and the likely consequences. Featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Ayesha Khan, the TVC shows Siddiqui caught in an awkward moment as he does just that in front of Khan. The ad shows how a little blunder can lead to increased temperatures – which can be reduced by Kenwood.
Agency: Arey Wah, Pakistan

6. UBL – Rahbar-e-Taraqqi-o-Kamal (Ruth Pfau)

Category: Print
To mark Pakistan’s 70th year of independence, UBL released their Rahbar-e-Taraqqi-o-Kamal campaign in DAWN in conjunction with The Dawn of Pakistan (1906-1948) – a 37-insertion photo-feature by DAWN to mark Pakistan’s 70th birthday. The Big Idea was to celebrate the role of the icons and landmarks that have set Pakistan on to the path of progress by virtue of their excellence. Among the many icons, the campaign acknowledged Dr Ruth Pfau and her selfless dedication towards treating leprosy in Pakistan. A powerful concept grounded in minimalism, both in terms of copy and visuals, made the campaign clutter-breaking and memorable.
Agency: The Blue Dot

7. Shan – Khushiyan Chakhlo

Category: TV
Despite its clichés and overexcited Pakistani women oohing and aahing over biryani served in a bamboo basket by a Chinese woman, who has recently moved to Pakistan and is struggling with the loneliness one faces after relocating to a new country, Shan’s ‘CPEC commercial’ stood out as the first piece of communication that banked on the Chinese influx in Pakistan. Well-executed, the commercial homed in on the fact that Pakistanis are hospitable.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan

8. State Street Global Advisors – The Fearless Girl

Category: OOH
The 50-inch Fearless Girl statue staring defiantly at the ‘Charging Bull’ sculpture in New York’s Financial District was unveiled on March 7 (the eve of International Women’s Day). The plaque at the bottom of the statue stating “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference” gives away the fact that the statue is an advertisement. The SHE fund is State Street Global Advisors’ index fund which invests in companies that have women in leadership positions; the statue was part of a campaign to promote the hiring of women in leadership positions and to encourage diversity as the statue depicts a Hispanic girl. Ironically, State Street, one of the largest asset management companies in the world, faced criticism after they had to pay five million dollars to settle allegations that they underpaid their female and black employees. Despite this, Fearless Girl has won a total of 18 Cannes Lions, including four Grand Prix, a Clio, three Grands at the London International Awards, as well as an Epica Award so far.
Agency: McCann New York